Don’t bet on justice in America

Late this past Thursday,  the State Department released more Clinton emails and as has been widely reported, the State Department failed to keep to the court ordered schedule for releasing these emails.

Aside from the Blumenthal email mentioned in my previous post, another email, where Hillary Clinton advises an aide to remove the heading from a document and send it nonsecure, has raised eyebrows.  CNN reports:

“On June 16, 2011, top Clinton aide Jake Sullivan wrote to Clinton to say she would get “tps” — presumably short for “talking points” that evening. The subject of the email is redacted so it’s not clear what topic these points covered.

The next morning, Clinton wrote back to say she hadn’t received them yet, and after a few minutes Sullivan responded that staff were having issues sending the document in a secure fax but that they were “working on it.”

“If they can’t,” Clinton replies, “turn into nonpaper w no identifying heading and send nonsecure.””

So Friday, the State Department issued a definitive statement that no such email was ever sent to Clinton:

The State Department can’t even get the Clinton emails released on the court-ordered schedule and dumped this latest batch, containing this red flag email, late Thursday and we’re supposed to believe that a thorough investigation of this email in question was done within hours on Friday???  With endless foot-dragging and excuses with coughing up these emails, the State Department sure is Johnny on the job with this internal investigation, where every statement they utter exonerates Clinton and her staff.

Watching this partisan poker game play out, from decades of watching the Clinton team, the odds remain strongly in their favor.   Sadly, some people in America really are above the law.  Americans allow some people to live by different rules, so don’t bet on justice when it comes to the Clintons.

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  1. JK

    Don’t know whether this observation might be better termed just that, an observation or, a weather report.

    But I would advise, anyone travelling between Quantico and Washington DC should probably make damn sure they’ve got an umbrella and new wipers on their vehicle.

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