Muslim Immigration is Exactly What ISIS Wants | Frontpage Mag

Immigration is what ISIS needs to defeat America.

Source: Muslim Immigration is Exactly What ISIS Wants | Frontpage Mag


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  1. Its easy for you to group over a billion people and the entirety of Islam into one bad corner and proclaim that no one from that corner can enter the USA. The country that has been the backbone of people fleeing from religious oppression and the likes since its establishment and was built on this basis of liberty, you want it to deny freedom to people who believe in a God and want to live. You want to deny thousands of families and youth a chance to flee ISIS because you are scared. You think these families who are running for their lives will for some reason come after you and try to kill you, that they have nothing better to do. I have so much to say about this topic but Im tired of fighting this bullying. All Im going to say is that ISIS doesn’t care what Islam is or who is Muslim, they’re a nasty gang who kill for fun and are enjoying the show we put on for them as people pelt rocks at women who wear hijab after they bomb around and everyone speaks of their name. What you dont understand is that the places where ISIS is growing are places that lack proper education and knowledge, and wherever there is ignorance there will be trouble.

    • The article I linked to points out facts in a very non-emotional analysis, based on studying Islamist terrorists and how they operate. It is not an indictment against all Muslims. The serious national security problem America faces is due to many refugees coming from areas where the governments have collapsed and ISIS and opportunists engaging in wholesale counterfeiting passport operations to exploit security measures in the US. There is no way to properly vet most of these refugees, even if they are good people – we can’t even verify who they are. The San Bernadino case shows that even women can be a national security threat too. Criminals and terrorists have exploited babies to smuggle in drugs, weapons, explosives, etc. for many years. So, an innocent baby can be used to subvert national security too.

      The other issue of second generation radicalization, is being preached from Islamist imams and leaders, much of it in mosques, so it’s not American prejudice to discuss this issue openly in the context of national security.

      I hear your concerns about innocent Muslims, but the truth is that since 9/11, there’s been almost complete silence from the Muslim communities in America and Europe, but plenty of blaming the West for “inciting” the jihadists or “western imperialism” or “colonialism”, etc, etc., but no owning up to the radical Islamist problem within Islam. And we get lectured about Islamophobia and the issue of Islamist ideology gets blamed on us, not on something within Islamic culture.

      This is a complex geopolitical problem, as well as a humanitarian crisis and what’s really needed to resolve it is dynamic global leadership from a lot of leaders in the world. America alone can’t solve it, nor can you or I. It will take a whole lot of people committed to some common goals in the region, so that refugees can return home.

      In dealing with ISIS, there are several Sunni countries that aid, arm and abet ISIS while still publicly saying they are with the US on defeating ISIS. This same duplicitous behavior has become a trademark of numerous Islamic community leaders and activists in the US regarding Islamist terrorist attacks in the US. In San Bernadino – the initial Muslim spokespeople all claimed they had no knowledge that guy was radicalized, his family did the same thing. We now know they were lying. In the Garland, TX case – the imam from the Islamic Community Center in Phoenix claimed that one of those terrorists was a peaceful, good Muslim – likewise a lie. That imam knew his community center was under FBI surveillance for terrorism and 2 other men who had attended that same center are serving time in federal prison on terrorism-related charges (one was plotting to blow-up a shopping center).

      I wish there was an easy way to resolve the problem, but there’s not. Understandably, many Americans are scared about letting in large numbers of Muslim refugees, whom can’t be adequately vetted. Instead of lecturing us, American Muslims should be pushing American values among new refugees and within Muslim communities, because since 9/11 it’s been almost total silence from American Muslim leaders on confronting Islamist ideology, but then again many of them are part of the Salafist movement too.

      • We have been speaking up, but only few people will listen. Muslims being good people doesn’t sell, everyone wants to hear more about the big bad Mulsims and even when they hear something good or are told these people arent terrorists, people don’t want to believe it. They will still look at me like Im un-American and call me names without even getting to know me.
        How many Muslims did it take to finally get news stations to report the North Carolina shootings? We can tell our friends and post on our social media but were a minority and only few people hear us. In addition, what you’re saying is that all Muslim Americans should be pushing American values in their Muslim communities. Have you been to a mosque before? What is so un-American about it? If my job as a Muslim American is to show you that Im American, but you don’t think Im American, then maybe you should do something on your end as well and go to a Mosque and tell me why you don’t like Muslims and what is so un-American about my Mosques. And the majority of people arent as sensible as you, they dont see the many factors that have created this problem, they blame it all on Islam. They read a single verse and then they blame all terrorist actions on that one verse as if the Quran had forced these people to do the horrible things they did, and no one wants to believe that the Quran preaches peace and that killing is forbidden. They would rather assume that we are all not understanding our religion and that it is a violent religion and that they know more about it than us.

        Im a Iraqi refugee who’s come to this country when I was 9, this is where I grew up, all my friends are here and all my memories and this the world I know. Im a US citizen now and I contribute to this country just as much as any other American is, and I love this country. Im Muslim and I love this country, and if I saw someone in my Muslim community planning to bomb or shoot, or harm anyone I would do my job and hand them over. Im not the only one, most of us now a days are born here, or have come here seeking asylum. To us America is a relief that we are great full for, being Muslim has no link to the horrible things that are going on, it has more to do with the MENA region and the craziness going on there.

        Our leaders haven’t been silent!

  2. Thank you for taking the time to explain your viewpoint. I suspect you are young, so I want to explain a different world to you, decades before the rise of Islamist terror and the chaos we are facing today. As a teenager I had pen pals all over the world, two were boys in the Arab world (one in Egypt and one in Saudi Arabia). The boy in Saudi Arabia came to the US in 1978 to attend college in the Midwest. That year I was also at college and he wrote and told me he wasn’t going home for Christmas break, so I sent him my phone number at my dorm, from across the country and I had talked to my mother and she agreed that we should invite him to our home. He came and spent Christmas with my family and everyone in my family tried to make him welcome. I doubt very many Christian Americans would unreservedly invite a Muslim young man to their home today. The radicalism today has changed many things and not for the better.

    More Muslims have been victims of Islamist terrorism than any other group, so I am not lumping all Muslims into one group. The problem is the loudest voices speaking for Muslims in America are groups like CAIR and Muslim Brotherhood affiliated/funded groups, which do aid and abet Islamist extremism and do have an anti-American agenda. I am not a religious expert, even on Christian sects and I am not qualified to debate the Quran, however from extensive reading since 9/11, trying to make sense out of the escalating radicalism from groups that self-identify as “Islamic”, here’s where I’m at in understanding it: Islam has two houses for “Jihad” – the house of Peace and the House of War. You are speaking of one side and the terrorists are speaking of the other. Now, as to which is legitimate, you will note that all of these Islamist terrorist groups spend a great deal of time citing the Islamic justification for their actions and here’s the truth, whether you agree or not, prominent Islamic scholars, from prestigious mosques and highly respected Islamic legal experts from the Muslim world do validate their Jihad too. My understanding is that it doesn’t matter if you pick verses from the Quran to make a point, because Islamic rulings follow “rules of abrogation”, so that if there are conflicting verses the later verses become the revealed word, not the earlier verses. Islamic scholars, ruled using writings from the Quran and from some early Caliphs on most of these matters and these rulings can not be changed or reinterpreted. And this brings us to the biggest stumbling block where the Islamic faith butts directly against The Constitution. Islam has sharia and that is not compatible with The Constitution and the freedoms we champion. I know there are many peaceful Muslims in America and the West, many serve in the US Armed Forces too. However, Islam is not just a religion like the other major religions, it encompasses a political system that is totalitarian and which leads to the clash. This belief system, espoused by the House of War side of Jihad and perfectly valid under Islamic law, is why it isn’t Islamophobia that is the problem, in my opinion. The problem lies within the heart of Islam and only Muslims can resolve that conflict within their religion, but if American national security is threatened, most Americans expect our government to protect American citizens, not political correctness or multiculturalism. i am sorry you are suffering unfairly from what other Muslims have done and you too need your freedoms protected.

  3. Minta Marie Morze

    Excellent discussion and valuable links! Thanks!!

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