Merry Christmas!!!

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!

I particularly love Steve McCann’s story, “Saved By Christmas”, and this year he’s updated it a bit.  His wonderful, inspiring true  story of a war refugee, experiencing the spirit if Christmas for the first time, will touch your heart:

“During the Christmas season, a kindly man dressed in a black suit came to see the boy.  He was the pastor of the local Catholic parish.  The priest took him to the rectory for lunch, and then next door to a place he had never been — a church.  The small and intimate space was decorated for Christmas.  It was the most astounding sight the boy had ever seen.  The lights, the colors, the atmosphere spoke to him of something he had never experienced: peace and tranquility.  But what caught his attention was a group of statues and a spotlight shining on a baby in a manger.

The frail boy, the inner spirit that had seen him through so much now depleted, stood before the statues.  He gazed at the serene face of the woman dressed in a blue robe looking lovingly at a baby in a makeshift crib. Was this the image of a mother? A mother he had never known?  Staring into the eyes of the infant in the manger, he felt a presence, as if an unseen hand was touching the very core of his being.  As a tear rolled down his cheek, the boy whispered: “Hilf mir” (help me).”

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  1. Minta Marie Morze

    Every year, this story fascinates me. I always read it again, with whatever additions McCann makes, and this year it is even more important.

    Every year I have tears in my eyes when I finish reading it.

    Thanks for introducing new people to this Christmas tradition, Liberty!

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