An ominious bellwether

The news in Paris should serve as an ominous bellwether.   Perhaps, Europeans will wake up to the threat they’ve invited into their countries.  While the usual abettors of Islamic terror will take to the airwaves to make excuses and assure us that we must not resort to “Islamophobia”, the truth is until we recognize the malignancy within Islam, that lies deep in the heart of Islam, we cannot protect America.  Jihad is not just some ISIS nutcases attacking us, jihad is sanctioned by Islamic legal scholars, as well as the foremost Islamic theologians.  It is deep within Islam, not a fringe interpretation.

I had planned to wait until I finish this important book, but in light of tonight’s attack in Paris, I’m going to freely plug  “Catastrophic Failure: Blindfolding America in the Face of Jihad” by Stephen Coughlin.  President Obama’s administration has purged experts, like Coughlin, from key positions within our national security network and replaced them with false narrative promulgators from the Muslim Brotherhood ranks and academia.  Coughlin writes:

“Consider what happens when the typical suicide operation occurs: We see the farewell video of the martyr giving his reasons for carrying out the attack. He is neither white-knuckled nor perspiring. He is calm and very collected. He is a man who has made a decision to die for what he believes in, a decision that— given his worldview— could reasonably be described as rational. Any threat doctrine capable of motivating people to undertake such actions has demonstrated a capacity to inspire intense commitment. Anyone who mocks this commitment or looks down on those able to inspire it is seriously underestimating the nature of the threat, as well as the capability and doctrine of its “soldiers.” The suicide attack occurs; we watch the carnage on the news. Later, news reports carry images of an entire town celebrating the suicide bomber’s becoming a shahid, often translated as martyr. But this is usually only half the story. What happens next is that the reporter will interview a terrorism expert in a book-lined office on a college campus or consult a senior U.S. government official in Washington and then tell viewers that what they just saw— and what Americans have seen for more than a decade— is not real, has nothing to do with Islam, and is too complicated to explain.

Again, the people killing us claim they do so to wage jihad in the cause of Allah, to impose Islamic law and reestablish the Caliphate. It is an unalterable fact that nearly all “violent extremists” with whom the United States is presently engaged in military operations make that very claim. Shahids define Islam as the basis for their motivation before carrying out their attack. This is true regardless of whether their understanding of Islam is correct and regardless of what percentage of Muslims globally agrees or disagrees with that doctrine. “Jihad in the cause of Allah” is what the enemy claims it is doing, to the exclusion of all other reasons, including “underlying causes” such as economic deprivation. The enemy doesn’t just make this claim. What the jihadis say they will do tracks exactly with what they do.”

Coughlin, Stephen (2015-05-04). Catastrophic Failure: Blindfolding America in the Face of Jihad (Kindle Locations 595-612). Center for Security Policy Press. Kindle Edition.

We should demand our government secure our borders immediately!  Let’s for once learn from an attack on western civilization.   There is no time for waiting for a 2016 presidential candidate to take the reins, no time for accepting our mealy-mouthed politicians making excuses.  Americans need to realize that President Obama’s plans to bring in hordes of “refugees” will assuredly bring in more Islamists.  The truth we must face is that Jeh Johnson, the Homeland Security director, lied to the American people when he assured us that these “refugees” will be thoroughly vetted.  The US government possesses no viable way to vet people claiming to come from Syria, when the US government has no Syrian government to vet these Syrian passport holders and so many of these “refugees” assuredly are lying about their identities.

President Obama will try to downplay the Islamic terror threat to America.  His minions will regale us with lectures about the dangers of “Islamophobia”, but they will not tell us the truth about Islamic terror.  The time to save ourselves draws nigh.

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  1. JK

    While on the subject of ‘Ominous Bellwethers’

    Yep LB you read that link right – 2005.

    But to complete the irony – from the November/December issue.

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