America’s future leaders

I read about this video at Malcolm’s blog, waka, waka, waka, so I clicked and watched Neil Cavuto tell Virginia, that sorry, there really is no Santa Claus.  Virginia (in this case college student, million-student march organizer, Keely Mullen) insists that the “1%” will pay for the free college tuition, absolution of student debt and a $15 an hour wage for all campus jobs, she is demanding.  Please note that stunned, deer-in-the-headlight moment at the 50 second mark, when Cavuto intrudes on her fairy tale visions.  Sadly, for America, Mullen just might be representative  of America’s  best and brightest college students…….. our future leaders:


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2 responses to “America’s future leaders

  1. It has been apparant for a long time that liberal progressive Democrats cannot do math—starting with Bernie Sanders.

  2. “fair and equitable”….

    Back in the 90s, GA started the HOPE scholarship program, which pays for college tuition for GA high school graduates, who maintain a 3.0 average in high school. For that free tuition to any state college, the recipient must maintain a 3.0 average in college. In 2011 they were revamping the program, because only 3 out of 10 students receiving HOPE scholarships actually maintained their HOPE scholarships for the entire 4 years of college. GA funds HOPE scholarships through revenue from the GA lottery.

    Now, this young woman insists the top 1% needs to pay for college for all college students, with no requirements for the students to maintain grades. It’s obvious how this program will work – we’ll have lifer college students, who stay enrolled until they’re retirement age, because under her plan, they will also be entitled to $15 an hour jobs on campus while they study.

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