The good, the bad and the buttinski

The Fox News Business  GOP debate is over.  Hooray!!!  This GOP debate covered more substantive issues than the CNBC debate or the previous FOX News debate, with the focus clearly on policy rather than pitting the candidates against each other.

Here’s my quick, completely  amateur rundown.  Jeb didn’t do enough to resuscitate his campaign.  Kasich repeats the same stuff in each debate and it’s too moderate to win over the GOP base.  Trump acted calmer and gave more detailed answers, which came across as more serious answers and less bombast – he did himself some good.  Cruz didn’t hurt himself, but his stentorius delivery, like he’s a Roman orator, comes across as if he’s talking down to people – there’s something cold about it.

Carson gets a “meh” – nothing lost, nothing gained.  Paul gained more support from his small niche of supporters, but did not expand his reach.

So, let me give a gold star to Rubio, because he really shines in the debate format.  He comes across as knowledgeable, upbeat, well-studied on issues, but most importantly – he radiates likeability.

Now, last, here comes the biggest loser – Carly Fiorina.  Her continual interruptions to grandstand and launch into boring soliloquies on her policies diminished her to an angry harpy rather than a Thatcher-esque figure.  For once, I was in complete agreement with Donald Trump, when he complained to the moderators about Fiorina’s continual interruptions, Her dour recitations of her talking points and her arrogance doesn’t project well at all.  She lacks all the likeability that Rubio oozes.  Too bad she wasn’t in the second string debate and Christie in the first string, because he did fantastic in the second string debate.

Still, don’t have a “favorite” and remain uncommitted.  I disliked Trump less and disliked Fiorina a good bit by the time this debate was over.  Then again, I found her whining for days on end to get on the main debate stage as a typical feminist gimmick, where it seemed at some point she’d be borrowing Hillary’s “glass ceilings” lines.  Christie good-naturedly moved to the second string and took it like a man.  Okay, I’ll stop there, ha, ha, ha.

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