An America Monarchy?

On Sundays my family began having Sunday dinner together, since my oldest daughter and four granddaughters moved back to this state in June.  We’re still missing one daughter who lives in another state with her husband, but these dinners with my two sons, my oldest daughter and my four granddaughters almost invariably include my other daughter as my kids live on their cell phones and text back and forth constantly.  Last night, my sons were discussing their views on Hillary Clinton’s private email server and frankly their views surprised me.

Both of my sons have studied The Constitution and yet when discussing this private email server, their comments left me wondering if, at the core, my view is antiquated and obsolete.  They kept insisting that the State Department information on Hillary’s server belongs to the executive branch and since the President is in charge of that, this information belongs to him and he can decide what’s classified or not whenever he wants.  I kept saying, “the information belongs to the executive branch, not to the individual officeholders – it isn’t theirs personally”.  The whole problem Hillary Clinton faces is she treated “official State Department information” as if it belonged to her –  personally.  “Am I off-base?  Is my view, that the President and all of our government officials are merely holders of their offices, sworn to uphold The Constitution and the public trust, in carrying out the duties of their offices, misguided and naively idealistic?  I remember Watergate, in which retrospectively, the gravity seems much smaller than in the callous disregard for national security in this private email server scandal, where Hillary Clinton set up this system in such a premediated manner, to avoid scrutiny of her official business and all the official correspondence she generated on a daily basis.   My sons, on the other hand, just shrug and seem okay with whatever the President decides on her private email server and handling of classified information, saying, “the information belongs to him, he can do whatever he wants.”   He was sworn to uphold the “office of the President”.  Do we now have an absolute monarch, who can do whatever he wants?

The effort to bury this email scandal keeps piling on fresh dirt to cover up the TRUTH as information is unearthed.  The Obama administration seems to have joined the effort, with the NY Post editorial opinion, “Whitewashing Hillary — step one in shutting down the FBI’s probe“:

“Well, whaddya know? Maybe those Hillary Clinton emails didn’t include top-secret information after all.

At least, that’s the conclusion reportedly drawn by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper’s office — overruling the finding of Intelligence Community Inspector General Charles McCullough that two Clinton emails (from a sample of just 40) contained highly classified info.

Hmm. Clapper answers to the president — who issued clear marching orders months ago, announcing that Clinton’s server scam was “not a situation in which America’s national security was endangered.”

Oddly, news of Clapper’s finding got leaked to Politico soon after the Washington Free Beacon reported Clinton did indeed, right after taking over at State, acknowledge her responsibility to properly guard classified info — and that “negligent handling” of it could bring criminal penalties.”

Last week on the O’Reilly Factor, Monica Crowley reported information from two “anonymous” sources, so take it for what it’s worth. :

So, justice in America now is reliant on just one man – the FBI Director.  Is this really the state of our constitutional system – justice depends on the FBI Director, James Comey, or the law is whatever President Obama decides it is?  Is Hillary Clinton above the law?


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2 responses to “An America Monarchy?

  1. Robert

    It seems Obama rules by Divine Right and the FBI director works for him ultimately. The letting Lois Lerner off the hook quietly on a Friday evening is probably a bad sign.

    • And of course we have the gutless GOP leadership in Congress, who would assuredly run away from holding Obama accountable. Perhaps, this GOP Congress will add genuflecting to their rules of proper decorum when greeting the President….

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