All politics is local

This is a must read!  Stella Morabito wrote an important piece in The Federalist:

Ask Not Who’s Running For President, Ask Who’s Running For School Board

Morabito explains:

There will be local elections throughout the nation next week. Please, folks, pay attention and vote, because these elections are about the very survival of local self-governance. They are at least as consequential as anything on the national stage, and probably more so.

Consider the following. When the school board of Fairfax County, Virginia, was set to vote on promoting the ideology of transgenderism in the schools last May, parents and citizens showed up in droves. They loudly protested the predictable outcomes of the move, which masqueraded as an anti-discrimination policy.

Such outcomes include abolishing children’s privacy in bathrooms and locker rooms and abolishing girls’ sports, which would be open to any male who claims to perceive himself as female. So the Fairfax County Public School (FCPS) policy also violates both the letter and spirit of Title IX. It also serves to divide and conquer families because it requires all students to openly reject anything they learned from their parents about human sexuality and human dignity that school bureaucrats deem in conflict with the policy.

The Fairfax school board imposed a transgender policy, by sleight of hand maneuvering, using local political cronies. Morabito continues:

It was a total ambush. The board voted 10-1 with one abstention to shove the policy down the throats of startled parents. There was no discussion and no consideration given to the concerns expressed. Instead, the parents were in effect smeared as intolerant bigots.

The ten board members voting in compliance with this federal harassment behaved like a bunch of cronies who seemed most interested in securing their places of privilege in a coming nomenklatura by regurgitating Orwellian-style talking points about “equality” and “non-discrimination.”

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