Grenada tourist map from 1983

In comments on my previous post I mentioned this Grenada tourist map, which my husband acquired in 1983, when he deployed to Grenada.  He and his friends found this map description of the population, “120,000 warm and friendly people.”,  hysterically funny – as they were being shot at:

grenada map front0002 grenada rescan0004

All of this yammering about “Syrian moderates” brought this map to mind.  Sorry for the small text to the right of the map cover – technical difficulties as usual, but at least I am managing to get some photos and stuff uploaded these days – a slow, difficult slog for me, I assure you!


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3 responses to “Grenada tourist map from 1983

  1. America really needs to promote geography in grade schools, don’t you think?

  2. JK

    Yep. Sadly.

    Friend of mine several years back told me of asking her class (9th graders) where Grenada was and only one kid had [a] correct answer.

    “That’s where my cousins go to school!”

    “Well you’ll be proud to know the United States military will be there shortly to rescue your cousins. We’re invading them right now!”

    “Why would the Army invade Mississippi?”

  3. Truthfully, I cling to maps, because my sense of direction is non-existent. In the woods I could wander in circles forever. My kids became very adept at yelling at me, trying to avert disaster, when I would get back on the Interstate after restroom stops. I would head in the wrong direction every time. I also get lost in cities within minutes.

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