Charlie Rose interview of Putin

Here’s the link to the CBS Charlie Rose interview:

The video of the interview is very interesting, but I’ll warn you that the viagra ads every few minutes got old fast.  There were some very interesting exchanges and Rose certainly asked some very probing questions.  Had a busy day cooking and spending time with my granddaughters, so I’ll save further comments for later.


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3 responses to “Charlie Rose interview of Putin

  1. JK

    There was a reason for those ads LB … Putin specifically requested if Charlie made it available for vid Pfizer be the sponsor … Vlad knew Obama and Kerry waere paying attention to the Pope and so would have to watch the video. Bad Vlad was merely … (ahem)

    “Poking fun at the perennially impotent.”

  2. JK

    I’m guessing LB since (see timestamp above – stroke of midnight) about the time of Good Morning America! you probably wouldn’t have punctuated your reply with an interrogatory mark.

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