Explaining Russia’s True Presence in Syria

There is Russian activity in Syria outside of Bassel al Assad air base, but the airfield is Moscow’s main effort.

Source: Explaining Russia’s True Presence in Syria


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2 responses to “Explaining Russia’s True Presence in Syria

  1. JK

    Context is very important where the Russians in Syria are concerned. One thing our media seems to have lost down the memory hole – par for the course of course … for those old enough to remember “a horse is a horse of course of course” …

    Anyway recall back when Putin rescued Obama’s ass back just after the alleged Sarin use? Removing the chem stocks had to’ve taken alot of assets and likely, scattered those assets around .. requiring at some point, all that kit be consolidated later – and, since we’re only seeing Daesh driving either Humvees or Toyotas these days … probably/maybe … “some” of what we’re seeing now is part of that inevitable consolidation.


  2. Thanks JK, Good points and very interesting analysis in that piece.

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