More fingers touched Hillary’s classified emails

More people had access to Hillary’s email, of which hundreds contained classified information.  Their security clearance status has not been reported. Here’s a short update.

National Review has a piece on Cheryl Mills testimony before the House Select Committee on Benghazi, including information on who sorted through Hillary’s emails:

“Though Mills oversaw the separation of Clinton’s personal e-mails from her work-related ones, she testified that she did not personally pull the e-mails from the server or sift through them to determine which messages fell into which category. She said that two employees from the private IT firm Platte River Networks initially pulled the e-mails from the server, and that Heather Samuelson, a lawyer who worked on Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign, reportedly did most of the legwork, combing through the thousands of pages and delivering the pertinent e-mails to Mills and David Kendall, Clinton’s attorney”

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The National Review article contains a link to a Politico article, which reports:

“On Thursday, Mills testified that employees for Denver-based IT firm Platte River Networks — which housed Clinton’s server until the FBI took hold of it — initially pulled emails off the server and sent them to Clinton’s legal team. Samuelson did the initial sift through of the documents, pulling ones she thought were federal records. In that regard, she initially determined which should be preserved — though Kendall and Mills ultimately signed off on what Clinton sent State.

Clinton deleted the rest of her emails from her computer, wiping it clean.

It is unclear if Samuelson had a security clearance and if Kendall and Mills simply approved her recommendations, made adjustments or looked through the emails she did not pull to ensure she didn’t miss any important documents.”

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