Hillary’s soft-soap interview

For her latest lies – as pathetic as her pretty in pink interview in 1998 on her husband’s Lewinsky affair, Hillary sat down with Andrea Mitchell and didn’t answer the key questions, obfuscated and deflected.  She rehearsed that calm, phony voice and insists she is sorry this email scandal is confusing for people.  There you got it, it’s not her fault it’s confusing, she is doing her best to explain everything and anxious to explain it all.  The queen waves her hand, “Move along you peons, I was busily solving world problems, not paying attention to what email system to use.”  And yet, she takes full responsibility….

For a dissections of more lies, check out the Legal Insurrection blog and William A. Jacobson’s latest analysis:

Hillary contradicts herself as to who made decision on personal emails

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