Compromised six ways to Sunday

The UK’s Daily Mail offers better investigative reporting than our American press, so let me post a link to an older story from the Daily Mail, when this story about Hillary’s private email account broke in March of this year:

“Hillary Clinton’s secret email address is revealed as infamous ‘Guccifer’ hack exposed some of her messages and the White House washes its hands of the mess”

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This report contains the information on Sidney Blumenthal’s email being hacked in 2013 by a Romanian hacker named Guccifer. The Daily Mail articles links to a Russia Today article, where they  (being a Russian state-funded news organization) so helpfully published 4 of Blumenthal’s emails to Hillary Clinton. Now, if they accessed Blumethal’s emails to Hillary, it can be assumed they also have Hillary’s emails to Blumenthal.  ALL of this information, not only the emails on Hillary’s server, but all those who used her server will be investigated, as the FBI traces who had access to this classified information found on the emails Hillary turned over to the State Department.  How did it get on her server in the first place, who sent it, and did she relay it to others.  If Blumenthal’s email was hacked, then it stands to reason that foreign intelligence not only targeted Hillary’s email, but also all of her close associates.  This whole email scandal will only escalate in seriousness, because having this private server speaks to a reckless and criminal disregard for handling our nation’s most sensitive information.  She is compromised six ways to Sunday and apparently she is the only one who doesn’t realize it….


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3 responses to “Compromised six ways to Sunday

  1. She hired this Platte River company to manage her server after Blumenthal’s email was hacked, so who set up her server originally and handled her computer tech stuff up until Platte River took over? Early on there was a report that this email server was originally Bill Clinton’s, so who handled it then?

  2. Minta Marie Morze

    There are a large number of people, countries, and companies who “donated” to the Clinton Foundations, paid for speeches, and who located other spin-off Clinton groups and got involved, who did so because they thought she was a shoe-in for president. If she drops out or looks as though she might, how are those “donators” going to react? If their information might be recoverable from servers or thumb drives or whatever, how will the “donors” react? If someone goes after the Clinton organizations, how will the “donors” react?

    How many different hacking raids, by how many different interests, have yielded caches of secrets that can be used against “donors”, not to mention against others.

    Moreover, can you imagine what vulnerable people and groups feel when they read how cavalierly and stupidly the server(s) were handled?

  3. Excellent points, Minta! Even the Islamic State operates with more tech savvy than Hillary and her girls club, she had ensconced in the State Department with her. Why anyone thinks she is fit to be President is beyond my understanding – heck, last year the IG reported over $6 billion dollars in contract money that the State Department, mainly under her tenure, couldn’t account for – missing contract files, incomplete contract info. She’s come under questions about her integrity in every job she has held and that isn’t a right-wing witch hunt – that is her deliberate actions:

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