Carville laments “Clinton haters”…… oh the hypocrisy

This Politico story (here) took me back to the Clinton Impeachment days, when there existed no sewer too foul for Carville and the other Clinton sewer rats to scurry through.    One can only hope that someday the  full  extent the  Clinton political machine went to silence anyone whom they perceived as a threat comes to light.  Oh, that would make one a conspiracy nut, in addition to a “hater”.  His line, “I mean, this is really an inhumane kind of discussion that these people were having. I have no idea what would lead them to do something like that. It’s sort of beyond me” , oh yes, James I have spent  all these years wondering what would lead people to behave like that too.  One can only hope that saying holds true:

“The truth will always out in the end.”

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One response to “Carville laments “Clinton haters”…… oh the hypocrisy

  1. Hi Holly,

    I wanted to say that I’m really glad I’ve found your blogs and I have enjoyed going through your previous posts. When I was in college, I used to post newspaper articles on my door to help get other students to pay attention to world politics and I love that you’re essentially doing the same thing for a bigger audience. To say thanks, I’m passing on a nomination for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. The details are at Keep doing good work and know it’s appreciated!


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