Let’s keep pretending

The social fabric of America continues to stretch further each day lately.  Today the Boy Scouts of America announced their executive committee voted unanimously to lift their ban on gay adult leaders.  Also today there’s  news that Ash Carter, the US Secretary of Defense, announced a plan to study ” “readiness implications of welcoming transgender persons to serve openly.”, according to a CNN report.

Without wasting a lot of words, as an American citizen, who is sick to death of the obssession with this social engineering that consumes so much time at the highest levels of the Pentagon, how about these idiots actually do their jobs and make sure our military is able to defend our nation!  In March 2015, Army combat readiness reached an historic low-level.  Army Chief of Staff, General Ray Odierno, testified in Congress:

“The Army also has cut 18,000 soldiers from the Army National Guard and Army Reserve, and it is reducing its total aviation force by 800 aircraft, with almost 700 of them coming from the active force, Odierno said.

“Today, only 33 percent of our brigades are ready, when our sustained readiness levels should be closer to 70 percent,” he said. “We have fewer soldiers, the majority of whom are in units that are not ready, and they are manning aging equipment at a time when the demand for Army forces is much higher than anticipated.””

It’s way past time for the US Armed Forces to get back to focusing on the entire team being able to defend our nation, instead of all these fringe social issues that have NOTHING to do with combat readiness and EVERYTHING to do with creating chaos within the ranks.

I keep reading one story after another about the ongoing efforts to propel some female soldiers into elite special forces units and frankly, the end result will be,they will have to lower the standards to allow for female upper-body strength issues, which everyone who has ever observed females training knows full well.  A lot of political pressure will be expended to get a few women into these units and from there, the push will be to reevaluate the standards and lower them to accommodate more females.

A smart military would play to strengths, but nothing in the politically-fueled, feminist mind-set cares about having a military prepared to defend our nation – they care about their political agenda. Why don’t they recruit some of the most highly-motivated, fittest, smartest women into special forces training that is geared toward specific training for missions designed for male/female teams, where females could add something to, rather than detract from, the team?  In the Muslim world where females are hard for our military to reach, special forces male/female teams might be able to gather more intel and operate in a wider part of Muslim society.  They could expand the missions of female engagement teams and our creativeness would be the limiting factor, not innate biological differences.

Instead, millions upon millions of dollars will be spent and more studies will be undertaken, until the political pressure succeeds in forcing the services to lower standards.  The reality is well-known, after all, the US military has been studying female physical abilities for decades now and they already possess encyclopedic knowledge about how the female anatomy reacts under every sort of training condition imaginable.

So, instead of accepting innate, immovable biological reality, we’ve got a whole country obsessed with pretending – pretending that male and female soldiers are interchangeable parts in jobs requiring a great deal of physical stamina and endurance, pretending that young men and women serving alongside each other, for months upon months, in hostile conditions will not form romantic and/or sexual attachments, and now we’re supposed to pretend that those who want to pretend their gender identity is not their biological sex need to be cossetted and given top billing, where their situation will be reviewed at the highest level, according to Ash Carter.  Well, how about he, and all these other “leaders” in the Department of Defense, worry about combat readiness first!

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