Grandmother time

Sorry for the lapse in blogging, especially in light of the monumental Supreme Court decisions in recent days, but four lively grandchildren running around the house sapped my writing inspiration a great deal.  Hopefully, I can get back to blogging by the end of this coming week.  Life has changed from when I was a kid, long before computer games.  It’s interesting to see how this computer native generation operates, that’s for sure.  I did take them to pick blueberries at a local farm and they seemed to enjoy that, but as soon as we got home, well, it’s back to the tech stuff again, lol.  And to think, I loved weeding the garden as a kid and collecting rocks….


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4 responses to “Grandmother time

  1. Kinnison

    We have 2 new iPhone 6’s, a new iPad2Air w/ZAGG folio case/keyboard, an iPad Mini3 w/ZAGG folio case/keyboard… For old people we are pretty well-connected!

  2. Kinnison, I am a Samsung Galaxy Note person – phone and tablet and I also have a Nook tablet from a few years ago, then I had a Kindle Fire before the Note. With these four granddaughters, ages 12, 10 and two 8 year olds, my tablets were commandeered for the past two weeks, along with the Kindle Fire they brought with them – all in the name of playing some stupid game, Crossy Road. Even this old grandmother showed them this website I like,, to do jigsaw puzzles online and all of them love jigsaw puzzles, so I didn’t feel too out of touch.

  3. JK, I read that article and John makes a good point, because no matter how brash and loud Donald Trump acts, at the end, he is treading where the GOP establishment fears to go. Outside of liberal echo chambers, a very large segment of the American people still view the issue as illegal immigration and want their government to secure our borders.

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