A food adventure to skip

At HotAir, a food review of Pizza Hut’s new hot dog pizza will save you from the temptation of trying it……if you were ever so inclined.  The title says it all:

“I tried the hot-dog pizza slop from Pizza Hut and it was everything I dreamed it would be”


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6 responses to “A food adventure to skip

  1. Robert

    I don’t frequent Pizza Huts even without this odd combo. I sure won’t with it.

  2. JK

    Reading that link LB had me reaching for … what an Arkansas State Trooper (friend) some years ago asked me … “JK, what’s your drug of preference?” me replying, “Well __________, Had you asked me that a few decades ago I’d probably said something else. But these days I reckon I’ll go with


  3. Patrick, I know, I’ve eaten at our local Pizza Hut many times and am none the worse for it, but I am not fond of their pizza. All the pizza chains keep coming out with bizarre toppings. I ordered The Works pizza from Papa John’s a while back and the lady delivered a Cheeseburger pizza. and I sat there looking at it wondering what next, so I guess the hot dog one should have been expected as a natural progression, lol.

    As a kid we got our pizza from this Sicilian family in NE PA and the crust, sauce and cheese were perfection, but occasionally we got some pepperoni on top. That was the best pizza I’ve ever eaten – simple and delicious.

  4. JK

    Following on LB from your June 13 “Lily Pads” I note .. oh what’s the phrase, … (sounds of clankety clank gears clanking … uhm Shakespeare weren’t it[?] … where’s that Duff guy when you need him … oh yeah The Tempest!)

    If the past is prologue …

    “Last week, as it was preparing to dispatch the next round of trainers and other personnel to Iraq, it also announced the “opening” of a brand-new “lily pad” (or bare-bones) base for them at Taqaddam in al-Anbar Province, nearer to the front lines of the conflict with the forces of the Islamic State. At the same time, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Martin Dempsey began to talk up the possibility of building additional “lily pads” — a “network” of new bases — for more U.S. personnel elsewhere in Iraq.”

    “And here’s one strange thing: no newspaper reporting on any of this mentioned that there had been a previous history of base building in Iraq — not even the Times, whose reporters first covered the story back in April 2003. That crucial history has, it seems, simply vanished. In this country, it’s as if it never happened. And yet the minute you consider the proposed lily-pad strategy in the context of those 505 abandoned bases, it seems risible.”



    You’ll forgive I hope LB. It’s just that pretty much the rest of blogdom is wearing me down. You I know to “be busy” for awhile so …

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