Trans-reality in America

Large swaths of the American press corps regularly abdicate their responsibility to be seekers of the truth, while piously pontificating their pure motives, free of agendas and political advocacy.  Our free press fails so often and in such egregious ways that you can flip the channel or click on various “hard news” websites and find alternate universes – reporting on the very same news event.

The phenomenon, certainly not new to reporting, seems to have escalated in recent years, to the point we have American citizens with polar opposite understandings of the TRUTH.  A house divided can not stand, the age-old metaphor used to warn of the dangers of divisiveness within society, comes to my mind living in this new American climate of trans-reality.  The TRUTH apparently is as flexible and ephemeral as everything else in America these days.  Maybe, President Clinton was a sage of our time when he stated, “It depends on what the meaning of  ‘is’, is.”

As the saying goes, “numbers don’t lie”, so I recommend Colin Flaherty’s article at the American Thinker, “The War on Black People in South Carolina: the First Casualty is Truth”, where he chases down the truth and exposes the lies:

“Mass murder was not enough.  Not for the army of reporters who soon after the South Carolina killings surrounded this truth with a bodyguard of lies.

The shooting was part of a pattern of white on black violence wildly out of proportion, journalists told us over and over. The tragedy also reminded many scribes of the so-called epidemic of arson against black churches in the 1990s.

Neither of which are true.”


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11 responses to “Trans-reality in America

  1. Robert

    “Never let a perfectly good crisis go to waste”. Now, never let a perfectly good tragedy go unexploited. The exploiters are not much better than a murderer.

  2. JK

    Not being able to come up with an *originality* lemme simply say

    (be just my luck the word is a *journalist’s coining/invention)


  3. JK

    I guess I might be getting *memory-challenged* or something LB. Soon as I read this post something clicked in what passes these days for “my memory banks.”

    The difference in timestamps between this comment and the previous is, pretty much, indicative of me trying to remember just where I saw this.

  4. “… we have American citizens with polar opposite understandings of the TRUTH.”

    As Big Al Einstein used to say, “It’s all relative.” Moreover, if truth be told, “truth” ain’t what it used to be. It’s mostly just plain ol’ “assertion” nowadays, or what the “smart kids” call “personal truth”.

    But, in truth, “Truth is not assertion, and assertion is not proof.”

    • Welcome Henry, Among the media, the truth seems to be which version of events they manage to circulate the fastest, because once that version is out there, watch out, it’s “Hands up, don’t shoot!” unto perpetuity…….. no matter how many facts emerge to the contrary. Of course, it helps a great deal when thugs put the word out on the street that “snitches get stitches” and after the riots that kid, Deandre Joshua was shot and his car set on fire, which served as a strong deterrent to any cell phone photos on the Mike Brown shooting ever seeing the lights of day. All these eyewitnesses and not a single cell phone photo or video has emerged – isn’t that amazing for a supposed white cop shooting an unarmed young black. man???

      All of these high profile shootings become an Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole, replete with a cast of scary surreal characters.

      • Holly,

        It literally sickens me what is happening in my country now on a daily basis. There is, at last, no decency left in the general population, except for the occasional dinosaur who remembers what it was like in the wake of World War Two. I find myself trying to avoid thinking about all the hateful people who are running amok and muckraking the muck all around us. But the goddam beat goes on and on.

  5. Robert

    Henry, the muck culture of ours will be its own undoing. America has always been able to remake her self and I believe part of that effort will be to wash her self off and shun the sewer culture and its inhabitants and profiteers. It will be ugly in the meantime.

  6. Robert, All the drivers of culture are controlled by those furiously “defining deviancy down”, as Daniel P. Moynihan termed it in 1993, and here we are decades later, further into that muck culture. In the past decade the decline, seems to me at least, to be increasing in speed. And at the same time, the complete collapse of critical thinking skills among our young people, who parrot meaningless “feel-good” phrases about being “non-judgmental and inclusive” taught from Pre-K through the higher education trough makes me wonder if the system has enough free-thinking people left to even understand the situation. They’re teaching our brightest kids to close their ears to even listening to opposing views and these are our future leaders.

  7. Robert & Holly,

    I had always tried to be optimistic like Robert that our leaders would eventually bring us back out of the muck. But the muck itself brought us Obama, et al., the personification of muck.

    Now I see all the things Holly mentions and my optimism about the future is MIA.

    • Robert

      I understand both of you. We can do what we have to as Americans because we are Americans. We don’t need no stinking “leaders”. Sorry, I couldn’t help that. When the population has had enough and arouses itself awake, watch those “leaders” fall in line. It may get ugly, but hell, I’ve done ugly before.

      • Robert,

        I understand you too. I only said my optimism is MIA. But, as I mentioned over at Waka, I intend to keep on keeping on …

        I may not be optimistic (at this point in time), but I still have hope for change, once this despicable administration ends its tenure.

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