What Did Marie Harf Say About ISIS to Launch Twitter Hashtag About ‘Historical Facts’ in Her Honor?



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2 responses to “#MarieHarfHistoricalFacts

  1. Robert

    “Harfisms” will aid her in her rise through the ranks of The Party.

  2. Robert, here are some scary Marie Harf Wikipedia bio facts: she holds a master’s degree in foreign affairs from the University of Virginia, not “Instant Experts U”. She worked at the CIA as an analyst – ostensibly analyzing Middle Eastern leadership issues, before becoming a spokesperson for the CIA. You wonder why we have such a dismal understanding of what’s going on in the world, look no further than these cherry-picking nitwits at the CIA, a White House that prefers “narratives” rather than dealing with the facts on the ground, and we had a Secretary of State using her own private Intel-gathering channels – bypassing official vetted intelligence products in favor of fabulist, Sidney Blumenthal. Scary times!

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