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4 responses to “Remembrance

  1. Robert

    My late Father-in-Law was a veteran of the US Army in 1917-18

    • Robert, I’m slowly working my way through General Pershing’s 2-volume, Pulitzer Prize-winning memoirs of the war – “My Experiences in the World War”. Keep getting sidetracked with other things to research, but I intend to read his memoirs in their entirety. I always learn a great deal reading military leaders of days-gone-by writings. Pershing could teach President Obama a great deal about the dangers of gutting our military.

      • Robert

        hollyasbury, WW1 is truly an interesting war in that it never really had to be and most likely, America never really needed to be in it. This “Cousin’s War” set the tone for the tragedy that was the 20th century.

  2. Robert, One of my son’s always says, “blame Queen Victoria’s greedy, squabbling grandchildren.”

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