Hear ye, hear ye, She will announce today….

Oh my, the day we’ve all been waiting for has arrived  (*yawn).  Hark, her faithful handmaidens whispered to the fawning press, “She will announce today!”   Don’t expect her to be open and accessible, as the “I’m every woman” tour begins, with the queen snug behind her castle walls .  She will hide behind the parapets, eating her cake, while throwing crumbs to the peasantry and noisome dogs of the press, in small, intimate  (read “controlled”) settings, according to her handlers.  So, with this carefully crafted character remodel underway, forget the lies, forget the email server in her home, forget her Benghazi debacle, forget her work silencing the king of mendacity’s bimbo eruptions, forget that this new, humble, grandmotherly matriarch (read Princess Charlotte as stage prop), “listening” to small ordinary peasants is just another phoney ploy to avoid answering troubling questions about past misdeeds.  Instead of “God Save the Queen”, for America, we’re back to another tiresome monarchy and before long, those rebels will be talking about “liberty and justice” and dare I say, freedom from “her oppressive lies”.  Beware, any who speak out will be deemed, subversives and dangerous, tarred and feathered, as “part of some vast, right-wing conspiracy!”  Time for libertybelle (aka, mhere and susiehomemaker) to retreat and stitch another subversive counted cross-stitch project, lol, and for good measure maybe she’ll need to forgo politics and clandestinely work on her other long-neglected blog, https://susiehomemakerdishes.wordpress.com/.  One can never be too cautious when dealing with the queen (aka “the smartest woman in the world” and thatwitch2016)….

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One response to “Hear ye, hear ye, She will announce today….

  1. Minta Marie Morze

    Wonderfully snarky, kid!

    “Control” is the word of the day—of the campaign!

    I love the image of the wanna-be queen, barricaded by her minions, flicking the crumbs to the throngs awaiting her every word.

    But I do not believe she will be the Democrat candidate. I think the president won’t want her in power, in control of the records and metadata and all the other details about what has happened these past few years, and in control of the (in)Justice Department.

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