Needs to be framed



April 8, 2015 · 1:21 pm

3 responses to “Needs to be framed

  1. Haven’t learned to get along well with the camera on my tablet yet, lol.

  2. Minta Marie Morze

    I love the whole idea of pictures on your blog! They show different sides of you. It used to be that a lot of people would do something individualistic in their lives—crafts, cooking, gardening, ceramics, etc. They would learn a lot about areas of creativity, and produce things that were worth doing. There was a time when a guy would work on his car and make it stand out. Back then, cars had character, and a focus of a lot of energy. people collected things of a set type, and filled scrapbooks with all sorts of personalization.

    Even though there is a lot of craft work still being done—boy! are there tools and supplies beyond dream for a crafter—it seems there are so many people using their IT toys—equipment—to memorialize EVERYTHING they are doing, who they’re meeting with, where they are standing, etc., that they have lost the knack of creating something first—like needlework—and THEN keeping a record of it. Unlike the satisfaction to be had in making something with your hands and mind, they act as though the photo itself of anything and everything around where they are standing, or that they are doing, or who they’re with, is important. Messages of where they are and with whom, and what they’re doing has become more imperative than what they are actually involved with.

    It’s as though they enter an artist’s studio, take pix and videos of the equipment and easel and supplies, of each other standing in the room, and text each other that they are in the room—and then they walk out in search of some other place to do the same thing. But no one actually uses the supplies to do some art.

    Liberty, I’m so glad that you DO things, and THEN record what you did!

    And I love the patriotic character of these last few!

    • Now if I could only figure out how to rotate the photo, because it was right side up on my tablet, but posted sideways on this blog and I didn’t see any “tools” on my blog to fix that.
      You have a point about the photo thing and I assiduously have always avoided having my picture taken – even as a child, so the selfie craze baffles me. This follows those ponderings I’ve had for years about the dedicated texting among young people. I observed some, whom I knew to be barely literate (I was their supervisor, trust me on this). Often, I wondered what on earth they were texting about for hours on end and then I wondered if the recipient could actually read what must have been more akin to gibberish than standard English.

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