The new mob rule model

The news media, across the board, keeps trying to sell us on issues based on polls.  Today, we’re being told that the American people support a deal with Iran.  Now, what does that even mean?  First, “a deal” is a vague term, as evidenced that this “deal” on a “framework” has the Obama administration walking away with one understanding of the “deal” and the Iranians hitting the airwaves spouting a much different understanding.

Most Americans can’t even locate Iran on the map, have no clue about the ramifications of Iran acquiring a nuclear arsenal and quite frankly “most Americans” haven’t bothered to learn even the rudimentary facts about this situation to offer an opinion worth paying any attention to.  This is the problem with our entire culture – we’ve got a clueless citizenry that is easily led, we’ve got venal politicians who will lie, cheat, and say just about anything to remain in power and we’ve got a lazy, ignorant bunch of clowns masquerading as “professional journalists” who feed us meaningless drivel like this endless stream of poll numbers.   So, even though the vast majority of Americans know absolutely nothing about Iran or the deal, the President and his minions, thanks to pollsters and the gullible media, can proudly announce that the American people support a deal with Iran.

Government by popular opinion equates to the new mob rule model.  I await a politician to have the guts to stand up and say, “My stance on this issue IS NOT popular, but let me explain my principles and view of the issue.”


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2 responses to “The new mob rule model

  1. Amen. The “deal” on the negotiated “framework” with the Mullahs in Tehran is both nonsenisical and unconstitutional. The Framers wrote checks and balances into the Constitution for a reason. The President, on his own authority, can authorize his Secretary of State to negotiate his little ketchup-loving heart out with a foreign government—that is within his purview. What he cannot do is to obligate the U.S. to a treaty with a foreign state without the approval of the U.S. Senate. It takes a minimum 2/3 “Aye” vote of the Senate to make a foreign treaty legal and binding. There is no such thing as an “understanding” or an “executive agreement” with a foreign power that is legal. Ask Woodrow Wilson, who went to Paris in 1919 with his “14 Points” for a treaty to end WWI, bargained 13 of them away to secure only 1, the League of Nations, and then couldn’t get the Senate or the American people to buy the deal. Wilson signed the Treaty. It never went into effect. If President Obama concludes his “deal” with Iran, the minute a new president is sworn into offive in January 2017 he can repudiate it…and if the Congress has any remaining shred of power they won’t wait that long to take legal action to abrogate it and have it declared unconstitutional.

  2. Minta Marie Morze

    It doesn’t much matter whether people poll for or against the bargaining—the president will do as he wishes. The machinations in the meetings are window dressing. What is happening in the world is beyond the public games that are being played, and beyond the simplistic behavior of the media—although having the MSM in lockstep with the administration is important in that the president knows that whatever he does, the press will cover for him, and that will make it easier for him. The reality of the understandings that the administration has with Iran will not be the sort of thing that can be abrogated or repudiated, because it will not exist in the form of a treaty or written agreement, no matter what is said in their press releases.

    For the world right now, January 2017 is an eternity away.

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