A “liberal” mind-set….

JK mentioned this C-span panel discussion and then I saw the link at The Last Refuge blog too:

“Hillary Clinton State Department Emails”

The video runs over an hour, but it’s interesting stuff.   I found the FOIA expert particularly fascinating – he highlights the issues he has with Hillary’s personal server and the myriad of potential things he would advise the Justice Department to look into, if he still worked for the government, but then he proclaims he’s a proud liberal and that if Hillary is the Democratic nominee he will vote for her.  A proud liberal who’s sitting there for a panel discussion where the pattern of Hillary’s trampling on the law is being highlighted, yet at the end of his talk, he announces he will vote for someone with no respect for the rule of law rather than a Republican.  His mindset, where partisan affiliation trumps character, will be the demise of our Republic.  Instead of trying to rationalize politically inspired lawbreaking, we should be insisting our leaders aspire to a higher standard of behavior than bank robbers and swindlers.


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3 responses to “A “liberal” mind-set….

  1. JK

    C’mon LB.

    The guy I pointed out was the darker haired guy sitting on the right – figuratively and literally – of the silver haired and goateed FOIA of the guy you’re writing about.

    Cut me some slack. Please.

    (I’ve had an “Internet” Rough Night with some person on Dip’s site calls him/herself Art Deco – reinforcing my previous decision to never again comment there. I wouldn’t have bothered yesterday except for something mentioning Yemen.)

    I’ll never comment there again … Regular read of comments yes but, “me” ever commenting again, No Ma’am I Shall Not.

    Completely unable to remain in tune with The Choir.

    Heck. I hear thunder.

  2. Just checked out the comments at Dip’s site and the Art Deco person certainly liberally tosses around the stereotypes. I encountered that commenting on a blog a long while back, where the blogger tried to pigeon-hole and marginalize my comment by casting me as a Tea Party person and informing me of my political views. I never posted another comment there. My political views tend to be conservative, as in wanting less government rather than more, but on many of the partisan hot button issues, well, truth be told, I often end up feeling – a pox on both your houses.

  3. JK

    Speaking of … and you know me (sort of) LB trying … trying so. I’m more like Kinnison than he’d ever think, if he was allowed so.

    You might know Arkansas tried to pass a simple law yesterday …



    Where the hell did the dictionary entry for “Liberal” go?

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