A memorial?

Last month,  I came across reports in several conservative blogs, quoting a CNN story about Mike Brown, of #Ferguson fame, residing in an unmarked grave.   The timeline speaks of priorities.  Mike Brown died August 9, 2014.  He was buried August 25, 2014.  His mother, Lesley McSpadden and a group of thugs, allegedly attacked Mike Brown’s grandmother and a group of friends and family selling “Justice for Mike Brown”  T-shirts on October 18, 2014.  McSpadden and her group allegedly stole $1500 worth of merchandise, $400 cash and one person went to the hospital for injuries sustained in the attack.

This grieving mother could  gather a gang to fight over who should profit from her son’s death, while her son lies in an unmarked grave.  The MSM and black grievance industry have been carting McSpadden and her drug dealer husband, Louis Head around to drum up anti-police sentiment and fuel racial tensions, yet she hasn’t even had a headstone or marker put on her son’s grave.  Likewise, the family of Staten Island police victim, Eric Garner,has been in a media whirl too.  Garner was buried in July 2014 in a cemetery in Linden, NJ and surprisingly his grave also sits untended and unmarked.

Now, to complete this bizarre tale of memorializing the dead, along comes this story today of a Ferguson police officer, Timothy Zoll,  being put on administrative leave for referring to a makeshift pile of mementos in the middle of the street, euphemistically dubbed a “Mike Brown Memorial”, as a pile of trash.  Someone drove through the memorial in the middle of the street and idiots, yes, I said idiots posted photos of the carnage wrought and also if you scroll down there’s a photo of the memorial restored.

Is this really what memorializing the dead has come to in America – a pile of stuffed animals, dead flowers and assorted cheap bric-a-brac placed in the middle of a street?  Where’s the outrage that all of these people profiting from Mike Brown’s death, to include his mother, can fight over T-shirt revenues before even caring for his grave?   The silence is deafening.  Yet, the Washington Post wants to sensationalize the police officer speaking the truth – it’s a pile of trash in the middle of the street.

Perhaps, at some of these protests, the black grievance leaders can take up a collection for decent headstones for the black men, whose names they’ve cheaply commercialized, with catchy, “hands up” and ” I can’t breathe” advertising gimmicks,  to further their political aims.

If that months old, moldering pile of trash in the middle of the street is a memorial to a young life lost in America, the devaluation of human life plummeted far lower than most of us could ever have imagined.


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2 responses to “A memorial?

  1. JK

    How’s about a memorial for the whole soon to pass (thank God!) year of 2014!

    It’s been a tough year for hee hawing in general but I did (finally) manage to find at least a little chuckle in the comments to Rich Lowry’s current NRO piece.

    This Whine Club needs its own anthem.

    How about the Hee Haw song

    Gloom, Despair and Agony on Me.

    (Frankly LB, I thought at first it odd the commentor didn’t punctuate that last as a question but after a second, maybe a second and one-tenth second, I figured it perfectly appropriate to punctuate as a flat statement. If I had sound I’d You-Tube the piece.)


  2. JK, the delicate sensibilities syndrome has infected America, so that even simple factual statements cause gasps and charges of insensitivity or racism. In a phone conversation with my youngest daughter, I made the factual statement that statistically black Americans vote predominantly Democratic. She lectured me that this is a racist statement and I am still pondering how that is racist, when it’s factually correct. Whether the vast welfare state, ostensibly to help blacks and other minorities achieve the American dream, helps or harms can be debated, but the actual statistics on how various demographic groups vote are facts. This reaction made me wonder how American culture has gotten to this point, where we’ve got to be so careful how we say everything, lest we inadvertently offend someone.

    That a Washington Post reporter would call the Ferguson police about this memorial of trash, yet fail to cover the story about how Mike Brown, as of late November, was lying in an unmarked grave amazed me. Despite all these race hustlers and his family, using his name to demand “justice” and doing the media circuit to exploit their 15 minutes of fame, none of them, not even the Rev. Al Sharpton observed the basic decency that this young man deserves to have his name on his grave, before it’s emblazoned on t-shirts. The Washington Post didn’t notice that outrage. Or that his mother and grandmothers are fighting over Mike Brown t-shirt profits…. Instead of “Hands Up”, these people should have their heads bowed in shame. That Victorian notion of shame is reserved only for those who wander off the political left talking points. In lieu of a common culture and common courtesy in America, all we’ve got left it seems is “common”, as in vulgar and coarse.

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