Civil order first


Justice For Jessica Chambers Murder Claims,

Sundance at recently stated the following misleading information about Jessica Chambers;

“I know Jessica was not out of the Leah House as mom and dad claim. That was a lie, or misspeak, dunno. But Jess was only out since end of Nov. So maybe only a week.”

Sundance is obliviously a harbinger that will state a lie as fact to add creditability to his speculative theories and self importance.

The fact is Jessica Chambers had been out of Leah’s House since October, because she started her new job working for Goody’s (Batesville) sometime in October.

Jessica Chambers’ mother said her daughter “Jessica came home Friday night after ending her shift at Goody’s Department Store in Batesville, where she had recently started working“.

Listen carefully to phone interview with Bria Lundy Goody’s Director of PR at 00:59 in the video at the link below.

The claims Sundance at makes should always be checked and rechecked for truth and accuracy!

#justiceforjessica #jessicachambers”

I began responding to TexasRanger’s comment, but then ran on so long that making it a post seemed better.  So here goes, I’m climbing on my soapbox as I type. Grab a cup of coffee, because I ran lonnng here:-)

Your point about checking and rechecking for truth and accuracy should be emblazoned on a banner in every newsroom in America.

This case caught my attention, because of its similarities to the Deandre Joshua murder in Ferguson. I’ve sensed a racial bias, meaning it’s easier to look for the best in one race’s behavior than another, in many of the comments at the Conservative Treehouse. This same bias happens after all these big black and white crimes that catch national media attention. The polling on everything from Rodney King, OJ, on to the present Michael Brown, and Eric Garner cases, shows this clearly. Racial hatred, where racial bias festers into something very ugly and dark, on the other hand, exists on both sides and in a place like MS, it’s frequently out in the open.

From what I have seen at the CTH, in this case, they’ve allowed themselves to form an emotional attachment to the victim, and initially approached this crime as “an innocent white girl, minding her own business, was set upon by a black gang”. The post where they photoshopped Jesssica’s head onto an angel’s body, clearly makes my point. They’ve invested a lot of time into understanding and rationalizing the motives for her bad choices, when evidence-gathering should be a setting down of facts – as emotionally detached as possible.  I still believe that sundance works hard to uncover facts and if he realizes he posted an incorrect fact, he’ll correct it.  With the volume of comments at his blog and people sending him information, it’s easy to make a mistake.

There’s nothing wrong with feeling horror and demanding justice but in America, lady justice wears a blindfold for a reason. It’s not just the Jessica Chambers case that the mainstream press walked away from. They walked away from the Deandre Joshua murder too, preferring to cling to the Michael Brown mythological victim story.  If  you look at the photo of Jessica and her first gangster boyfriend, Bryan Rudd, both of them, look so young and innocent and while it’s easy to cast him as a gangster, both of these kids got involved with a gang, got into drugs and police records that came to light, thus far, show Jessica had two arrests for assault and Rudd has a quickly expanding criminal record.  Further digging might uncover more crimes committed by both, but the point is – here is America’s future, decimated by crime and drugs.  Look at the  picture of Deandre Joshua, drug dealer, whose family hoped for so much more for him.

The Chambers and Joshua cases struck me as being similar – gang-related, possibly the victims being perceived as snitches. That’s what caught my attention.  I am not an investigator, I’m a mom, a grandma and I work in an ordinary blue-collar job at a store.  In recent years I’ve talked to so many Jessicas, Deandres and Bryans  at work and lamented the waste of human potential from America’s poor communities.    I also have experience with a child who got into drugs in college and know that heartbreak and anguish first-hand.  I realized that Deandre, just like Jessica, had gotten involved with drugs and a gang.

Even Michael Brown, with his sorry mother and her drug-dealer boyfriend/husband, should shout that we need to save our kids, if America is to have a future. In America – we’ve got a serious gang problem, a serious drug problem and a lingering race problem and instead of fixating on “racism”, we need to deal with the crime and drugs robbing our kids of a future.  We must preserve civil order first!   While some of us who served in the military have sworn an oath to defend and protect  The Constitution, we’ve got hard work ahead to teach our young people, that screaming about your civil rights is secondary to following the rule of law and carrying out your duties as good citizens.  We’ve all got to respect the rule of law and each other, or our Republic will collapse.

“United we stand, divided we Fall”


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  1. JK

    I’ve sensed a racial bias, meaning it’s easier to look for the best in one race’s behavior than another … This same bias happens after all these big black and white crimes that catch national media attention.

    Pointing out of course, I’ve not been very “up to snuff” reading the comments or, admittedly, the TH posts (focused more on my general region) but after reading these LB – you might be interested in Googling for a picture of this author;

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