Thanks to President Obama, Al Sharpton and a sad parade of race agitators, it’s now open season on police officers with one off-duty police officer in St. Louis being shot Friday and two police officers being shot in New York City yesterday – murdered in cold blood, just because of the color of their uniform.

Last year saw the rise of random attacks on white passers-by, with out-of-control black youths brutally knocking out their victims, yet the President and Eric Holder aren’t howling in outrage demanding these hate crimes will not be tolerated.  No, they encourage black gang violence by finding excuses and rationalizing black anger.  In the wake of the #Ferguson grand jury decision, a string of victims, murdered by being burned alive in their vehicles, occurred.  These crimes appear to be the work of black gangs too, yet the President can’t find time to comment.

The President can find time to interject himself into local and state law enforcement issues to promote his political activism for the race grievance industry in America, but as the chief law enforcement officer in the land, his silence on speaking out for police officers places him on the side of criminals, who use race as an excuse and cover.  It’s time to publicly shame these disgraceful mountebanks fomenting lawlessness by black gangs, hangers-on and any who wish to use race as an excuse for committing these heinous crimes. It’s time for Americans to rebuild the American team and scream, loud and clear, #BLUELIVESMATTER!!!


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6 responses to “#BLUELIVESMATTER!!!

  1. JK

    Realizing full well how hard I’ve been on both the O and Rev’m Al, I’m actually gonna place the heaviest of weights on the head of

    Louis Farrakhan.

    Obama and Al (mostly) have limited to implicit – Farrakhan, explicit.


  2. JK

    It would be interesting … if the perpetrator of the killings in Brooklyn, attended Farrakhan’s Baltimore “sermon.”

    • I hadn’t thought of that JK.

      • And a perusal of his social media content could answer that:-)

      • JK

        Too bad LB you ain’t got one of them little ’emoticon’ thingies … don’t know one plainly illustrating “sheepish grin” is available tho’ … it’s just I can’t do that sort of perusing.

      • Yeah, yeah, JK, I know you don’t do social media, but after reading facebook postings in this Jessica Chambers case – man, the gangsters she hung out with used facebook like their private journal – incriminating comments, incriminating photos, and if you can decipher the ebonics mixed with the local MS dialect (not sure if that’s Gullah or something else) it’s an amazing treasure trove of insights into the workings of a black gang. Of course, most of those gangsters started sanitizing or changing the privacy setting to private on their facebook accounts now that they know they’re being investigated.

        Now, Twitter leaves me cold with the #hashtag-required and @idiots nonsense, but it’s popular and apparently Instagram is popular too, but I haven’t checked that out.

        Our intelligence analysts surely miss a lot of information from social media, since young people all over the world now communicate that way. Just trying to follow this one case – the gangsters have so many aliases/user names they go by and we know jihadi terrorists go by a lot of aliases too.

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