Not so fast on bashing Sony

The chattering class bumped it into overdrive bashing Sony for pulling it’s movie, “The Interview”, slated for release , in the wake of Sony executives email accounts being hacked and bellicose threats from North Korea, warning of attacks in US movie theaters if the movie is released.  Jonah Goldberg, in a NRO piece, “No Superheores in The Interview Cave-In”,  writes:

“The first issue of Captain America came out on December 20, 1940. It shows Cap slugging Adolph Hitler in the mouth.

Good stuff, but note the date. America wouldn’t enter World War II for about another year. At the time, many Americans wanted to stay out of another European war. And here was an American superhero punching the leader of a sovereign nation in the kisser. Subsequent issues kept pitting Captain America against Hitler and his goons.”

Goldberg’s piece relates some interesting history about threats the two Captain America writers faced from Hitler stooges here in America and how they stood up to them and kept writing.

When it comes to North Korea, often the regime’s actions make little sense to me and their threats seem bizarre, but thankfully John McCreary’s Nightwatch can be relied upon to shed light on, what to most of us, seems pretty lame, crazy talk from the Hermit Kingdom.  Nightwatch offers some fascinating history, a little later than Goldberg’s 1940’s reference:

“North Korea-US: Special comment. After the Korean War, as conditions settled in South and North Korea, the North persisted in sending infiltrators into Seoul to destabilize the government. One of the most often reported tactics was to attack a movie theater. North Korean infiltrators regularly attended the movie theaters in Seoul to roll hand grenades in the aisles to kill as many people as possible. Attacks in theaters occurred weekly at times in the late 1950s.”

This isn’t meant to cause alarm, but intended to give some insight into the North Korean targeting of movies and movie theaters, which to Westerners who see government actions separate from the private movie industry, seems quite baffling.  In North Korea there is no separation of government from private industry and their understanding of freedom ranks down near zero percent.  Now, I had read about the Captain America history before, but this information on North Korea made me realize that most Americans have read far more about Hitler than we have about North Korea.  Let’s hope this White House  doesn’t call Dennis Rodman for insights into his dear friend, Kim Jong-un and anyways, WND, already called Rodman, whose PR firm stated Rodman has no comments on the Sony cyber-hack attack by North Korea.  Perhaps, in light of escalating threats and cyber-targeting by North Korea, it’s time for our elected officials and the pundit class to do a crash course on North Korean history or at very least read Nightwatch.


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6 responses to “Not so fast on bashing Sony

  1. JK

    At the (ever-present admittedly) risk of me appearing even more obtuse than usual …

    Am I the only one sees just the faintest shadow of the sheer ridiculousness of our chattering classes getting their knickers all wedged up over the Norkies’ attack on “our Free Speech”?

    Exhibit (I forget what the exact number is so) Exhibit # Two Zillion and Fifty-Six:

    (I almost went with Gypsy Scholar’s recent 17 DEC post but getting called “Islamaphobic” is of nearly the same vintage as “queerophobic”

    Well that and I can no longer permalink.)

  2. Sorry JK, WordPress didn’t recognize you apparently, so I just “approved” you:-)

  3. JK

    S’alright. Since my machine got outta the shop sometimes it doesn’t recognize me either.

  4. JK

    Up above LB, you notice me typing “sheer ridiculousness”?

    I guess I shoulda waited for Malcolm to post.

  5. Sony is a corporation. Its directors have a duty to safeguard the interests of their shareholders and no-one else. They certainly do not have a duty to support this, that or the other political/’artistic’ vaporing’s of either George Clooney or Barack Obama

  6. JK

    As you say David. And when we see The Sony Brigade stood up (as XXCommittee suggests) and emplaced on the 38th – Brigadier Sharpton commanding – I would expect the directors “doing as they so far” will have Article 92 Courts going ’round the clock.

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