My theory on the Jessica Lane Chambers murder

The horrific murder of MS teenager, Jessica Lane Chambers, caught my attention due to it reminding me of the murder  of a young black man, Deandre Joshua, in Ferguson, MO on the night of the grand jury verdict being released.  As I’ve mentioned before, The Last Refuge blog has done an outstanding job gathering information that the mainstream media failed to uncover.

I’ve been reading the posts over there and even commented several times, but in LB fashion, I offended some poster and decided to keep my comments here on my blog from now on.  The interesting thing about crowdsourcing, where people post whatever information they come up with and theories, is you have to sift through a lot of information and weigh it for veracity and then decide if it’s relevant to figuring out what happened.  I’ll leave it to the police and FBI to find her murderer(s), but I’d like to post my present running theory and mention the pieces of information I would like to know.

Jessica Chambers dated black gang-bangers and there are several gangs there in Panola County, MS.  Her boyfriends were part of the Disciples gang.  Jessica had two arrests for assault on her record, one in 2013 and one in  June 2014.  Who she fought, I don’t know. Recently, she had been at Leah House – a drug rehab facility.  I suspect she went there after some run-in with the law.  I also suspect she may have been encouraged to become a police informant, again, to avoid being prosecuted.  This is just a theory at this point.  The local DA and sheriff seemed very peculiar and hesitant to pursue her killers initially and made bizarre statements.

There are many conservative posters at The Last Refuge blog wanting to romanticize this young woman, who chose to hang out with gang-bangers and had a drug problem.  I’ve read all sorts of theories over there, but no one has really honed in on this stay at rehab.  I find it highly doubtful, with an arrest in June of this year for assault, Jessica just out of thin air had an epiphany and decided to go to drug rehab.  Something happened to facilitate that.  We’ll see how close I am to the truth, when the authorities resolve this case.  I also think some woman was involved in the actual murder of Jessica and I base that on so far two facebook pages have been uncovered, where  women connected to this gang posted angry comments about Jessica – one stated something about “burn that white bitch” and the other woman (a white woman) posted something about “BBQ the bitch”.    I want to put this down, so I can compare my reasoning to what emerges from the investigation.


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9 responses to “My theory on the Jessica Lane Chambers murder

  1. TexasRanger

    Justice For Jessica Chambers Murder Claims,

    Sundance at recently stated the following misleading information about Jessica Chambers;

    “I know Jessica was not out of the Leah House as mom and dad claim. That was a lie, or misspeak, dunno. But Jess was only out since end of Nov. So maybe only a week.”

    Sundance is obliviously a harbinger that will state a lie as fact to add creditability to his speculative theories and self importance.

    The fact is Jessica Chambers had been out of Leah’s House since October, because she started her new job working for Goody’s (Batesville) sometime in October.

    Jessica Chambers’ mother said her daughter “Jessica came home Friday night after ending her shift at Goody’s Department Store in Batesville, where she had recently started working“.

    Listen carefully to phone interview with Bria Lundy Goody’s Director of PR at 00:59 in the video at the link below.

    The claims Sundance at makes should always be checked and rechecked for truth and accuracy!

    #justiceforjessica #jessicachambers

  2. TexasRanger, thanks for your comment.

  3. texasnana

    I believe and have from the beginning Jessica was killed by a woman. I also believe it was a plot by several people not just one. I think she was lured to a party that night for that purpose. I am not going to name names but, have a few people in mind, I also believe many in this town knows about it and just aren’t talking out of fear.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts texasnana:-) Surely, with the MBI, ATF and FBI there, even with a compromised crime scene, they must have some solid forensics. Jessica’s cell phone data would likely provide many clues too. Like you, I have some names in mind too, but I also have two conflicting theories. One is the simple path; the other is a bad vibe, more complicated theory. I’m hopeful that the law enforcement authorities will solve this case.

  4. Butfumanchu

    What about this? Jessica’s family (father & brother) in the meth biz – both prev arrested for possession of materials/ingredients for mfg of meth – Jessica & her known gang relationships – prob involved in meth biz – maybe was police informant, result of her own prev brushes w LE, parks her car in location for a planned meet. Dark unlit spot – losers/idiots come rushing (maybe late for said meeting) to location – cruise in at an imprudent speed, (prob stoned) fail to see Jessica’s vehicle stopped & parked – ramming it in the rear end – igniting fuel tank fire – car explodes in flames – Jessica gets out, but IF there were possibly meth solvents in trunk or in car – fire would be much worse – points & questions: how did her car get rear collision damage between MM video and time of the incident? DA & Sherriff state at 1st News Conf – that stories/rumors of accelerants were untrue? Many sad cases of people getting rear-ended and burning to death – add some meth chems & you have one hell of a blaze! This seems more like low-life tragedy “f**k-up” than carefully planned and executed terrorist-style “hit” – maybe that’s possibly why there is little progress pursuing that angle? Should they be looking for damaged (other) vehicle ? perhaps that’s the lead that will break this?

  5. Vaporlass

    You obviously don’t know where her car was parked to make that statement. There would have been tread marks left from other vehicle, anyway. It had rained 2 inches the day before and even parked on that hill with drainage there would have been tread marks. The car was either damaged during explosion of gas tank or the wrecker did it when it hooked up to move it, I think. I agree with LB -it was women -maybe one guy but this a female hit. I still suspect the wife of the guy who had the toothache (didn’t see or hear nothing) who lived nearby – all they had to do was walk home. Definitely the one who posted and made sure she stayed off camera ar gas station.
    BUT I would love to know the details on brothers accident two years earlier. This might be a Hatfield-McCoy feud. I sincerely hope the nest of vipers is uncovered and prosecuted.

  6. I study gangs. I have worked a few gang cases in Memphis and Ms. This gang is “notorious” in setting fires. You just may be on to something. Was there any kind of graffiti near the car (on the street) or anything to mark their “mark”??? for example the star of David?

  7. Au

    I to believe she was an informant (we know her father was @ one point in time) it’s a major issue in the south, whether you have pot or crack, they won’t hesitate to use leverage to persuade you to become an informant. Obviously her crew wouldn’t have appreciated such – I also think there is smoke w roger hentz

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