Political potpourri

Just some news links:

Nightwatch’s “Turkey’s Half-Hearted Commitment to the Anti-ISIS Coalition offers interesting comments on Turkey joining the fight against ISIS and also on the Kurdish situation.

A virologist who has been studying ebola for 20 years weighs in on the honor system ebola screening process at the airport in Monrovia – Top Ebola Virologist: Liberia’s Airport Checks ‘Useless’ and a ‘Disaster'”

John R. Schindler at the XX Committee blog wrote a very interesting post filled with details about the National Center for Medical Intelligence.  Definitely check out his, “The Ebola Crisis and Medical Intelligence”.

News release from the US Africa Command on Operation United Assistance – skimpy on details.

Fort Bragg news release tosses out a few more crumbs of info:

“Prior to deployment, all Soldiers will be trained in personal health safety to preserve the health of our forces. All troops deploying to Liberia will receive specific medical training – developed in conjunction with U.S. Army Public Health Command – and use specialized personal protection equipment to ensure they are protected from exposure to Ebola.”

“Fort Bragg-based Soldiers will not treat Ebola victims but will provide infrastructure support to U.S. Agency for International Development, establish logistical centers to support the operation’s efforts through logistical and life sustaining support to military personnel for Operation United Assistance.”

Aha, on October 2nd I wrote, “They will find a way to co-mingle agendas and use the ebola outbreak as the perfect smokescreen to stealthily advance their agenda, a la Rahm Emmanuel’s don’t let a serious crisis go to waste.” and voilà on October 3rd, bam, here it is: “MSNBC: Ya know who’s really to blame for this ebola mess? The NRA”.  It’s either great that I can predict the left’s lame-brained political posturing or pathetic that their propaganda is so predictable, lol.  No crystal balls necessary.

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  1. JK

    “no expectation at all that our troops are going to be working in high-risk areas,” or that the troops “are going to be getting close to folks being treated for Ebola.”


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