Ebola walks in

Ebola arrived through the front door.  That’s the fact our elected officials in Washington should be held to account on.  Both political parties kicked this border security Pandora’s box down the road and now it’s busted wide open with an Ebola-striken man arriving in the United States.  Reports of his medical care, with being initially sent back home after the first hospital visit should have alarm bells pealing in your head.  The government’s first response in a crisis is self-preservation, not public safety.  At all levels, the government will proclaim there’s no need to panic, if you just let them handle things and stay calm.  Yes, yes, of course mass panic should be avoided, but government accountability for this border security failure must be addressed quickly. President Obama’s open borders policy set the tone, quelling any attempts to be proactive on banning travel from the African countries affected by ebola outbreaks.  In keeping with his open border agenda,  he allowed thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants to enter America and his administration, stealthily transported these ticking epidemiological time bombs.  Not content to disregard immigration laws, the Obama administration deliberately dispersed these illegals to all 50 states, often without even notifying the state officials.    Granted, ebola isn’t the threat from these supposed “innocent, poor children” (the democrat’s favorite canard), but to date the administration has avoided public disclosure of the  true statistics on cases of TB and other communicable diseases brought into our country by the President’s illegal actions.

Let’s see how quickly the Obama administration, using a public health scare, moves to impose Draconian executive orders curtailing civil rights, targeting gun rights and the political right as a threat graver than ebola.  They will find a way to co-mingle agendas and use the ebola outbreak as the perfect smokescreen to stealthily advance their agenda, a la Rahm Emmanuel’s don’t let a serious crisis go to waste.   Being a cynic, I expect Obama’s power grab to extend way beyond The Constitution, faster and more furiously than Bush’s Patriot Act.  Ebola strikes more fear in the hearts of people than quoting terrorist threats, so be very skeptical of government actions as this crisis spreads, escalates and deepens.

Worth reading:




And if you’re interested in a good read about the world’s worst pandemic on record, try, “The Great Influenza, The Story of the World’s Deadliest Pandemic in History”, by John M. Barry.  I read this book several years ago and it combines a very detailed history of modern-medicine’s birth in America, as the 1918 pandemic caught government and the medical community completely unprepared.  Daring medical personnel and scientists rose to the challenge, developing medical training, reliance on scientific research and development for medical treatments, and a completely changed mind-set about public health.  The statistics from that long ago pandemic provide a very sobering picture of what we could face as ebola spreads.

A final caution, let’s hope the cures our government devises aren’t worse than the disease.


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3 responses to “Ebola walks in

  1. JK


    (Just a thought but, owing to what’s likely to be “harsh punishment” reckon there might be a ‘request for asylum’ resulting in …

    Nah … never in a million years.)

  2. JK

    Well. One mystery solved. Didn’t take too long.

    “A group of researchers from Oxford University and the University of Leuven say they have pinpointed the place where HIV was first transmitted between humans, sparking a pandemic that would go on to touch some 75 million people in every corner of the globe. Through statistical analysis, the group determined that HIV is “almost certain” to have begun its spread from Kinshasa, now the capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo”

    I feel so much relief.

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