Turkey Must Tread Carefully Against Islamic State

Turkey Must Tread Carefully Against Islamic State.


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5 responses to “Turkey Must Tread Carefully Against Islamic State

  1. Kinnison

    Turkey—which has become increasingly re-Islamisized under its openly Islamist President Erdogan—doesn’t need to “tread carefully”, it needs to make up its mind. Is it a Western nation, and as such a fully-committed NATO member and U.S. ally, or isn’t it? Kamal Ataturk, the visionary Army colonel who took the ragged remains of the moribund Ottoman Empire post-WWI, dragged it kicking and screaming into the 20th century, ruthlessly trashed the dragging influence of the Muslim clergy on governance. He gave Turkish women rights, abolished the pervasive, mandatory, head-scarf for women and the fez for men, creating the emphatically-secular modern and democratic nation of Turkey, is turning over in his grave as everything he worked for disappears.

    • Erdogan is emblematic of the Islamist Ascendency. Stratfor, always does their analysis from what I think of as “standing in their shoes” and describing their actions from their viewpoint. Honestly, I think Erdogan (and most leaders in that neck of the woods) sized up President Obama as weak and easily led, in other words, a very useful idiot. Add John Kerry in there and it’s a 2 for 1 special.

      Hypothetically speaking, if you were a leader of a country and President Obama sent John Kerry to sell you on this “strategy”, would you want to join Obama’s war? I don’t even want our Armed Forces having to obey his orders – because his plan is total bs and our troops deserve a much better war plan than this cockamamie war.

  2. JK

    Guessing by now you’ve become aware of Steve Kroft’s (60 Minutes) interview of the CinC who more or less stated ” … the IC [actually it appeared mostly Clapper] was asleep at the switch back in June when ISIS [ISIL] overran Mosul.”

    The Prez I’m of the general opinion, since as he usually say’s, “I only found out about it reading the newspapers” maybe ought, start reading ’em when the papers are hot off the press.

    From February (scroll down to page 9)

    Click to access Flynn_02-11-14.pdf

    • Apparently, the President isn’t like you and me, JK – fascinated by all these intelligence reports and other boring research. The press is all cheering that Britian joined the air campaign, but reading Nightwatch http://us1.campaign-archive2.com/?u=817f179ff76c12de2a4e5ba20&id=9a683a994c&e=1f5d296eec, looks like we’re running out of targets. This always happens. Here’s the Nightwatch comment:
      “Comment: Assuming the Central Command’s statement carried the highlights of the past two days of air attacks, it looks like the Coalition is running out of targets. The usual indicator of that condition is tank plinking, which is what the US statement said occurred. .”

  3. JK

    Yeah LB, and plinking the right tanks is easy. Just aim at the ones say, “Made In USA.” Same for Humvees. On the nominal Syrian side of the nominal border at any rate.

    (But probably “Good Enough” in at least Anbar too.)

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