Dissecting Obama’s “comprehensive strategy”

Whose side is President Obama on?  We’ve witnessed the results of his unerring ability to choose the side that harms American national interests the most, leaving American prestige at an all-time low and forcing Secretary of State, John Kerry, to scurry around trying to drum up a “coalition” to help fight ISIS.  From CIA director, John Brennan, proclaiming the Muslim Brotherhood “mostly secular” to WH National Security Advisor, Susan Rice proclaiming Bowe Bergdahl a “hero” to the present brouhaha over Syrian “moderates”, it should be obvious to everyone that this administration’s cognitive dissonance behavior pattern is to refute facts with absurd fabricated narratives, deflect attention by creating new straw men to set ablaze, or revert to their default avoidance tactic – blame GWB.

Yesterday I began fuming when I read a Bergdahl update  in the NY Post, which stated:

“But a senior Army official told me court-martialing Bergdahl would “make the president look bad.” In spite of damning evidence against him, the official expects Pentagon brass to separate him from the military with a less-than-honorable discharge, sparing Obama total embarrassment.”

This administration is playing a big game of charades again, just like the Benghazi YouTube video narrative to explain away their multiple security failures, their decision not to attempt a rescue of their besieged annex, but mostly to cover-up what exactly the mission was at that annex (gun-running from Libya to Syria).  This time the facade is a “strategy to destroy ISIS”, yes, indeedy, his loyal minions began that by spending the first 48 hours arguing that this isn’t a “war” and therein lies the truth – this CINC is callously using American troops as propaganda tools.  Every shred of military planning that makes sense to achieve that objective has been tossed into Obama’s eco-friendly recyclable waste basket.  He’s ostensibly planning a multi-year plan for military action by discarding all of the recommendations from his top generals?  Those first 48 hours arguing that this isn’t a “war” should clue you in that you’re watching another pathetic propaganda move to pretend he is doing something about ISIS, without having the guts to really do something.   What he is really doing is waiting out the clock on the press and American public’s attention span, because he knows front page stories fade and the public moves on, happy to forget yesterday’s news.  His generals are gumming up the works, by speaking out about the lack of a winning “war” plan, but they should realize by now, that this CINC ignores all of their advice.  The reports about the WH intention to control bombing targets in Syria make sense, because he wants to be able to stop this “not war” once the public clamor about the gruesome beheadings’ optics  dies down.

This administration lives by polling data, believing that if they can weather the media storm now, the public will lose interest and then it becomes very easy to dismiss those who bring up the matter later as partisan haters, intent on harming the President.  The press willingly plays along, as evidenced by no real answers or accountability from ‘fast and furious” to the present.  Even Bergdahl’s fate has been put on ice until the administration can quietly shuffle him out of uniform with at most, not-so-smiley face discharge papers in hand.  Once you learn the lingo these Obama mouthpieces use, the moves make sense – it’s about their narratives, their optics, their agenda.

Info on the gas attacks in Syria last year – pay attention to the comments section

Benghazi – the real mission (here and here)

Syrian moderates (Bryan Preston and Patrick Poole  – excellent reporting)


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4 responses to “Dissecting Obama’s “comprehensive strategy”

  1. Kinnison

    Susan Rice, the former U.N. Ambassador, is not “Director of the NSA”, she is Obama’s White House National Security Advisor.

  2. Thanks Kinnison, corrected that error.

  3. JK

    Along with today’s post (my friend in the good ol’ ROK) the post of the 13th.


  4. JK

    Considering LB, you might be “working up a compendium (of sorts) on “our *new allies” – since what I was pointing to in my above comment doesn’t exactly match, say, what McCain or Lindsey Graham might mean since the above “moderates” aren’t exactly the group those two actually do mean … here’s some vids from the Official FSA “Moderates.”

    Advisory (if the link remains viable) the latter, albeit from the recognized “moderates” is not for the squeamish.


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