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Pressed for time this morning, so I am keeping this to a short comment and two links.   This is back to President Obama and his red lines and certainty about the source of the alleged chemical weapons attacks in Syria.  You remember, the president definitively pinned a chemical attack last year on the Assad regime, which he used as his justification for US military intervention in Syria.  He changed his mind on the attack at the 11th hour .  Not only was the Syrian resistance mouthpiece, Elizabeth O’Bagy a fraud, but the President’s definitive intelligence on the sarin was bogus too, according to this Seymour Hersh report.  Holy cow, Hersh lays out the Turkish rat line of funneling weapons from Libya to Syria using combined US, Turkish, British and a few other countries’ help.  This report should wake-up the mainstream press in America and maybe we’ll finally get them to pressure this White House to fess up on Benghazi. Here are the links:

First is the August 8, 2013 Nightwatch, the highly-respected open source intelligence report by John McCreary.  Pay attention to the comments on the Syria chemical weapons attack (link here).

Next is the April 6, 2014 Seymour Hersh dynamite piece: “The Red Line and the Rat Line, Seymour M. Hersh on Obama, Erdoğan and the Syrian rebels”. Everything you wanted to know about Benghazi, prior to the attack on that US compound, is in this report.  Mr. Hersh’s report should blow some holes in the White House’s stonewall effort.  Stay tuned.


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  1. JK

    For the night of 25 August 2012

    “International news outlets predict US missile attacks against Syria. The overwhelming consensus is that Syria used chemical weapons of some sort, but the evidence in the public domain that supports this judgment is weak.”

    For the night of 27 August 2012

    “Syria: Update. The mainstream media headlines with slight variations predict that an attack against Syrian targets by US missiles could occur as early as Thursday. The UK and France are lobbying hard for action because of the alleged chemical attack. …

    NightWatch has little to add to all that “wisdom,” but prefers to comment on matters not covered.”

    For the night of 28 August 2012

    “Syria-UK: For the record. Britain will not take military action against the Syrian regime before United Nations inspectors report back on evidence of chemical weapons attacks, according to a motion published by the government on Wednesday. The Prime Minister has recalled parliament to vote on the motion on Thursday, 29 August.”

    For the night of 29 August 2012

    “What appeared to be a slam dunk on Tuesday has weakened as more information has emerged about the source of US intelligence and about Syrian rebel chemical warfare capabilities.”

    For the night of 3 September 2012

    “Readers may be confident that the Syrian propagandists already have developed an information strategy for showing the world images of dead women and children from stray US missiles. …

    For the night of 5 September 2012

    “The Wall Street Journal and other news outlets reported on Thursday that the US intercepted an order from an Iranian official to militants in Iraq to attack US interests in Iraq in the event of a US attack against Syria.
    Comment: As seems to be the custom, the news outlets reported no details that would assist in evaluating the authenticity of the message. If the Iranians transmitted such a message, it looks like a shot across the bow. In other words, it is either a phony message or it was intended to be intercepted. The two are not mutually exclusive.”
    For the night of 9 September 2013

    “The fighting has continued with no let up. The government has made small gains in multiple areas. However an al-Qaida-affiliated group of the al Nusra Front drove government forces from the village of Maaloula. This is one of the three villages in the world that still speak a variation of Western Aramaic, which is the language thought to be closest to the language spoken by Jesus of Nazareth.

    As occurs whenever a Christian village is captured, the fighters looted and burned the churches as well as the Christian homes. Government forces were reported to be preparing to retake the village on 9 September.

    Syrian opposition fighters released a Belgian and an Italian whom they had held hostage since April. The two arrived in Italy on 9 September. The terms of their release have not been disclosed.

    The Belgian, Pierre Piccinin, told Belgian press that he overheard three rebels, one of whom identified himself as a Free Syrian Army general, talking about the gas attack on 21 August. He said the rebels said the Syrian government did not execute the attack or any attack. The rebels said it was the rebels who executed the attack in order to trigger Western intervention.

    Comment: The Belgian was still in captivity when he overheard the conversation. This adds weight to the contention the case against Asad is fraudulent because Piccinin says he has been a strong supporter of the rebel movement. He said since he has been covering the Syrian uprising, the “revolution”: has turned into something very dangerous.

  2. JK, Thanks, NightWatch, prescient as always:-)

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