Pentagon: “If we like our war plan, can we keep it?”

Truly, is anyone surprised that President Obama’s battle plan roll-out makes the many glitches with his Affordable Care Act look trivial in comparison?  Perhaps, the top brass need to start asking the White House, “if we like our war plan, can we keep it?”   Today we learn that the Obama administration reached all the way back to LBJ and picking bombing targets from the White House, as the way to run his air campaign in Syria.  The Last Refuge did a good summary of events, with links to the news sources (here).    Let’s hope the senior administration official who thinks Saudi Arabia shares a long border with Syria isn’t part of the inner-circle planning bombing targets.


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2 responses to “Pentagon: “If we like our war plan, can we keep it?”

  1. Kinnison

    Marine General Jim Mattis(Ret.) just did a pretty good analysis for the Joint Committee in Congress on the subject. Not many Marines get called “legendary” in the Corps while they are still alive other than “Chesty” Puller, but Mattis qualifies. He’s the guy that turned Anbar Province around in Iraq and most Marines who served with him are in awe of him as a warrior. (He is, of course, one of the more than 900 general officers purged by the Obama Administration for not pulling his forelock hard enough when “The One” passed by…)

  2. JK

    And. Just possibly, there may be times when it might be better to have one of the chain but not actually in the chain of command.

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