A must read Gates of Vienna blog post

The Gates of Vienna blog consists of a group of dedicated reporters/writers, who diligently present news and commentary on as their subtitle states, “At the siege of Vienna in 1683 Islam seemed poised to overrun Christian Europe.  We are in a new phase of a very old war.” 

To explain the Obama administration’s policy inability to foresee any of the devastating failures of  their  “ending the war” policy, this post,  “Beheaded by a Feckless Delusion” , with a Brennan video clip explains it clearly.

Just to reach across the partisan political aisle,  John McCain can rush to the nearest microphone to get in front of this latest foreign policy debacle, but rest assured, his Syrian moderates weren’t really all that moderate and it’s not a failure to arm them that created, to use JK’s shorthand, “AQI > ISIL > ISIS > IS”.  Their virulent, ascending Islamist ideology, on the march, continues “winning the hearts and minds” (or cutting them out of fallen foe and eating them) of individual disaffected young men in the Muslim world and they’re on the march globally.  Whether we choose to pigeon-hole them into semantical coops and hope that we’re the foxes guarding the coop and can always pounce quickly (the Pax Americana view) or we pretend they aren’t a fox dressed in many-colored sheep’s clothing (calling themselves by anything but Al Qaeda makes them harmless), either way we completely miss the Islamist Ascendency.  And rest assured, John Brennan knows them by name (or by one of their many aliases)  and will add them to his drone target list….  No worries….



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