“When wars end”

Today, being the 70 year commemoration of D-Day, which put Allied boots firmly on French soil, from where they fought on the many miles to Paris, liberating France and eventually defeating Hitler’s German forces is the perfect time to discuss “when wars end”.  So, let’s put on our thinking hats, while libertybelle, your big-box store employee, former homemaker challenges this endless stream of White House spin, “when wars end” blah, blah, blah prisoners of war get traded all the time”.  First, sometimes, sometimes not – that is the historical record.  The larger point about “war” is just by President Obama declaring an end to the fighting and unilaterally withdrawing does not mean the war is ended.  This man is the most obtuse fool ever to occupy the Oval Office and his minions don’t really study military history, being “anti-war” and  so intellectually superior.  The Taliban is hitting the airwaves announcing they will continue to target Americans.  Does that sound like “the war” is ended to you?  The other side gets to play their hand too and since we announced our defeat, they intend to seize on that weakness.  Al Qaeda is morphing and growing, the Taliban intends to target Americans too, so lame White House spin is not only another big fat LIE, it’s putting Americans at risk.  The single biggest threat to American national security, in my opinion, sure seems to be coming from this arrogant, clueless band of nincompoops at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  There isn’t any ceasefire or treaty or anything remotely like an end to war in the normal sense – we’re dealing with bands of terrorists, not nation-state players.  And maybe they missed getting their news from the newspapers the past few days, but the Taliban and other jihadists are reinvigorated with the release of these 5 Taliban terrorists – they are happily broadcasting it. So, really, this spin on top of all the other LIES is really pathetic!    The war, unfortunately isn’t over, so maybe someone can send President Obama this newsflash, since he waits to learn about world events, his administration failures and everything else from the media.  When things spin even more out of control as this moves along, expect more altered intelligence documents to be fed to the media – just like Benghazi.


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6 responses to ““When wars end”

  1. JK

    When things spin even more out of control as this moves along, expect more altered intelligence documents to be fed to the media


  2. Hey JK, the NYTimes is presenting the PTSD (which was quick since he got in country in March 2009 and walked away in June 2009), but they are busy little propagandists: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/06/06/opinion/demonizing-sergeant-bergdahl.html?hp&rref=opinion&_r=o

  3. Kinnison

    I have nothing but contempt for this President and his slimy minions.

  4. Yep, JK, I hear you loud and clear, John McCain, war hero, but also about as reliable as his friend, John Kerry, another decorated war hero (sans his medals, ribbons or somesuch perhaps), …. “for it ,before I was against it” or ” absolutely against it, before I was for it” a rudderless ship in Washington ready to hit the iceberg. No set principles anymore and willing to spin the intelligence for political points. At this rate Bowe Bergdahl will be running for Congress next year under the “war hero” banner, using video of President Obama’s Rose Garden photo-op and Susan Rice’s public statements in his campaign ads …. and our public will buy it, just like they bought “pet rocks”. Just tell them that most other Americans support him in the latest poll….

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