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The Bergdahl saga diverted media attention away from covering other news stories of which there are many. A hugely important story for American foreign policy, largely overshadowed, was President Obama and the EU  deciding to work with (fund) the Palestinian Unity government of which Hamas is a part.  Here’s a Washington Post link from yesterday.  One more step at abandoning our only true ally, Israel,  in the ME and following a decided pattern of misguided and dangerous foreign policy missteps by the Obama administration.  President Obama’s quickly becoming a combination of “the ugly lame duckling and the emperor’s new clothes”, with Congress reciting, “three (or 535) blind mice”…..  It sure looks like President Obama decided he doesn’t need Congressional approval for anything.  And so far he doesn’t.  Scary times.

The VA scandal keeps spreading and it’s important that pressure be maintained on the press to report and on Congress to follow-through on oversight and reform or the Obama administration will slap on a band-aid by appointing a new secretary and Congress will kick the can down the road one more time. Check out, “VA Axed Veterans Programs While Approving $1 Million In Bonuses”  (DailyCaller yesterday).

With the Obama administration, beware, as soon as one scandal diverts your attention, they will sneakily make other moves quickly trying to stay below the media radar. as the current scandal sucks up all the oxygen.


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