Dude, this was like two years ago…

My blogging adventure began in December 2013, bringing me late to the Benghazi reporting game.  However, then and now, there remain plenty of empty seats in this game.  The mainstream press finally seems to have shaken free of the hypnotic Obama chants of “change you can believe in” and has begun asking a few questions.  Diplomad made me think about how much bloggers have written on Benghazi vs those card-carrying press reporters.  We’ve heard so many lies, from Susan Rice’s Sunday spin marathon to yesterday’s Bret Bair interview of a former Obama staffer, who stated, “Dude, this was like two years ago!”.  Will the light of truth finally shine on Benghazi?  I doubt it.  So much has been ignored by the mainstream press, to shield this administration’s appalling dereliction of duty.  Hillary flew the coop to Peru, in the wake of Benghazi and Obama continued fund-raising.  Getting to the truth, well, let’s refer back to my September 22, 2013 post on Hillary’s illustrious blue-ribbon panel entrusted to investigate Benghazi, who didn’t bother to record the interviews  in their investigation.  Their staff took notes and they compiled summaries  –  here’s how important accuracy was to these high-profile panelists:

In addition, the Committee has been unable to assess with any specificity what
information witnesses conveyed to the ARB during interviews. The ARB did not maintain
official transcripts of the testimony provided to the Board. Instead, it developed reports of each
interview based on the notes of staff and Board members. Mullen testified:

Q.   How were the interviews recorded? Was there a court reporter?
Was there video? Was there audio recording? Note taking?

A.  Note taking.

Q.  And none of the other options?
A.  No.

Q.  And how did it get put together?

A.  The staff would put a summary of the interview together. We
would — the members would be able to review that summary
shortly after the interview.

Q.  Any concerns with that?

A.  No.

Q.  That it wasn’t transcribed or recorded?

A.  No. From the standpoint of content, substance and content, I found
them to be very accurate.

Anyways, here’s a list of some of my previous posts on Benghazi. but hey, what difference at this point does it make?

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Mark Helprin’s Excellent Article On Obama’s Foreign Policy – April 10, 2013

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2 responses to “Dude, this was like two years ago…

  1. Minta Marie Morze

    I went to your links—totally cool! I still can’t believe—or can I?—that they didn’t record AND take down verbatim the “testimony” about Benghazi. They have contempt for America and Americans, and don’t even bother to LOOK like they’re doing their task. When you have the MSM watching your back, you just don’t bother with any annoying responsibility, and certainly not even a smidgen of pride in workmanship—just go through the fewest motions possible. And don’t interview anyone who might have something to say, because you don’t want to have to “unhear” something.

    It’s amazing how they play their little games, going from one job title to another, from a foundation to an institute to the government bureaucracy, with maybe a year or so as a “journalist” somewhere in the career path. And of course, they are related by blood or marriage to someone in an adjacent (and helpful) position somewhere.

    People used to be ashamed, or, at least embarrassed, to be seen to be so connected when they were doing something from which that connection should have called for a recusal or a like removal of oneself. Conscience can never make a coward of a Progressive, nor can their ideologically-controlled resolutions be sicklied o’er by the pale cast of ANY thought that would turn them away from their enterprises. Perish the thought!

    The House Representative from DC, who shall remain unnamed herein, said today that Benghazi “was a corpse”—thus being both verbally obscene and clearly ugly-minded.

    And the childish character, also nameless here—why should I sully the page’s pristine surface—sent by the White House to be interviewed by Bret Baer, said that it was just a mundane task to work on the talking points, and that he couldn’t remember if he’d changed one of the words two years ago. Now it is true in a sense that their working through talking points, an activity feverishly and creatively carried out all the time by this White House, could be considered mundane, and, what is a single word after two years? However, Dude, the murder of a sitting American Ambassador, along with three other Americans trying to protect and save him, on the anniversary of 9/11, might just be significant enough to, oh, you know, sear itself into your memory—especially when there is a huge uproar about it that forces a high-ranking government mouthpiece to go on all 5 Sunday shows to spout the EXACT same talking points on each. Dude, Dude, It really should have sort of, you know, had an impact, especially when there were so many questions and hearings about the talking points for those two years of which you’re so dismissive.

    Especially since, like “Christmas in Cambodia”, major Progressive lies seem so “searable”. (I remember that one, all right—two of my brothers were in Viet Nam on Christmas 1968. That whole year is kinda seared into my memory too, as it were, including the Tet Offensive which WE WON. My opinion of our Secretary of State is unprintable.)

    Keep writing, Liberty—as Justin said, your instincts are fine. (And I love your sense of humor!)

    • Minta, That immature dude the White House sent held the position as spokesman for the National Security Council, with access to critical intelligence information and the highest levels of this administration. His background – he was another Obama sycophant, started as Obama’s press van driver and nary a wisp of national security or foreign policy experience.

      This dude so cavalierly played off dabbling with rewriting talking points as just part of the job, without showing even the slightest concern that FOUR Americans died. For these vacuous, ego-centric neophytes, it’s all about poll numbers, scoring political points and the elaborate charade of “talking points”. Substance doesn’t matter. Honesty and personal honor sound like quaint notions to these arrogant, boasting poltroons. The cockiness of this foolish young man shocked me. He thinks he’s quite the PR genius.

      At some point hopefully enough Americans will reach the tipping point of their endurance and act to reestablish a code of honor and lay down their own red lines on government corruption and usurpation of personal liberty.

      “Let us erect a standard to which the wise and honest may repair.” – George Washington

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