Rainy day news

One of those rainy day Sundays here, so this will be short.  Courtesy of JK, here’s a Reuters article on the religion of Peace’s most faithful in action (Syria):  “Apocalyptic prophecies drive both sides to Syrian battle for end of time”

Reuters is full of interesting tidbits today: “Navies of Iran, Pakistan to hold joint drill in Hormuz strait”

Wouldn’t want to neglect the far side of the world: “U.S., in nod to Tokyo, to send more ships to Japan, prods China”

That’s it for today, now it’s time to cook a late breakfast, brunch, if you prefer, then back to reading Minta’s excellent suggestion – Helen MacInnes.  I’m starting with “Assignment in Brittany” and I’m already falling for the noble Hearne, British spy extraordinaire.  Thanks Minta:-)


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7 responses to “Rainy day news

  1. JK

    Occasionally not “hotlinking” articles from Reuters results in Page Not Found.

    (Most of what I come across – if not on the homepage – can be found region-specific – under the “World” tab.)


    & as a bonus – given our recent “pivot”


  2. JK

    Welcome LB and, as I suspect you are already aware … many of the “useful links” are on MP’s sidebar. Some few maybe not there can be accessed via D&N’s. I think maybe Jeff has one or two on his – of course on either of the former or the latter one can find … er, expect to get “lost in the sidebar” on the twain site one is [usually] only at risk of getting lost in translation.

    I, more than most perhaps, habit reformatting (or removing etc slaved) harddrives. “Why?” you might ask.

    Because some Pol is (less frequently) asking for [free] background or (more frequently) campaign contributions.

    So. Rather than me “backing up” stuff I only have to remember “who” was in my browsing history last time I deleted my cookies.

    Of course I don’t blog though. Which can be a hindrance at times. Usually minor.

    • I, more than most perhaps, habit reformatting (or removing etc slaved) harddrives. “Why?” you might ask.

      More like what is reformatting or removing slaved harddrives? Please don’t answer that, it’s rhetorical, because I would not understand the answer. Technologically-challenged here and prone to hysterics and fainting, if forced to cope with computer problems on my own. I prefer to let men handle that sort of stuff for me. Anyways, my blog is in the backwoods of the internet, not many worries that any politicians would venture this far off the beaten path;-)

  3. JK

    When you really really really need extremely high-technological stuff LB, see to grabbing a six-year-old – preferably one which opens an arthritic friend’s “child-proof” container who, like the kids the researcher swots regularly feature – but deliberately do not address …

    Only those six-year-olds are linguistically capable of explaining to us “older than 50 year-olds” that we – properly speaking are (except for purchasing the correctly-sized batteries) are more or less, equal to dinosaur poop.

    But then, sometimes a Dinosaur Shit-Head needs … but more often a baby would-be dinosaur does – if uncertain t’ward which is which – well LB …

    Still. A six-year-old to help changing channels on the remote is better than a forty-year-old advising as to “what” a proper opinion consists of.

  4. Minta Marie Morze

    Liberty, I hope you enjoy the book as much as I do. I reread it a couple months ago. In part to always remember that others faced “interesting” times with courage and decency, and that it matters.

    Thanks, as always, for the links.

    The world is in soooooo much trouble . . . .

    • I am halfway through Minta and it’s wonderful. Next I want to read the one on the Polish resistance. For any of you guys, Helen MacInnes isn’t just for girls, Allied intelligence made agents going into occupied France in WWII read this novel, “Assignment in Brittany” – it’s a spy novel that relies on human ingenuity, not high-tech gizmos. The main character, Hearne, thinks on his feet and he’s amazing.

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