Whenever you think the press really has a clue about what’s going on, just surf the internet.  Here’s a story from the UK Daily Mail, “Selfskies from the frontline:People of the Crimea pose with the masked Russian invaders” – they’re all smiling, the Russian invaders and the oppressed citizens of Crimea.  Don’t ask me….. I can admit that I  really have no clue what to make of it all.

Not to be left in the lurch, the White House has released  a series of  photos of President Obama talking to Russian President Vladimir Putin on the phone: the mom jean style  or   the clenched fist pose.

Putin didn’t bother with selfskies, he took Crimea without firing a shot, which love him or hate him, provides the snapshot of him.  As to the desires of the various people of Ukraine, danged if I know.  The more I read about them, the less I feel confident that it’s as cut and dried as politicians would have us believe.


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3 responses to “Selfskies…..

  1. Minta Marie Morze

    I’ve heard it said that Obama knows what drives his critics up the wall, and so he deliberately does it. Nothing he does for the press is uncalculated, unless it comes on him suddenly, like Joe the Plumber; in the White House, nothing will come on him quickly, openly, so he CAN control everything there. But he’s not thinking about the history books, and what they might say . . . . There is so much on the Internet and recorded by private sources throughout the world that no one group will be able to control what is put into reference sources in the future, or what is in books. Everything is being recorded and stored. No one can be absolutely sure of anyone. No one can be sure about how much will remain private. The future is going to make fascinating reading.

    • But some will try to control the information and due to the nature of the internet, content without any structures to provide some degree of verifiability has become a propagandist’s paradise. It’s so easy to Photoshop stuff that where in the past folks had to rely on a few expert forgers, now almost any 12 year-old with average computing experience can create fake images and stories, that dupe thousands, possibly more, daily. Sheer volume alone may do the job of hiding the truth in plain sight. Certain storylines take hold and that becomes the “narrative” that the majority of people believe. Here’s my favorite faked video: (Where the Hell is Matt 2012)

  2. Minta Marie Morze

    You are correct. However . . . .

    Computers are still in their infancy; the data mining and compiling methodologies are even younger. The main problem with propaganda, so far as history is concerned, is that the truth has a much more deeply connected pathway compared to lies. When something is extremely important, it will be studied, and, yes, there will be a lot of imagined storylines devised for it. But there will probably be one that fits all the points of fact, and, although these other pathways will be accepted by many, there will probably be one that stands out in its consistency.

    I’m not saying that the truth will be believed by the general population—I just believe that reality is a stronger force than people know. The future of information collecting, data storage, pattern-formation, and the developing methodologies of communication, is still only dimly seen, if the immediately-passed few decades are any indication.

    Moreover, those who can be bought by gold, can by gold be sold. There will always be a market for the truth: there will always be those who need to know it, and those who want to know it.

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