Theodore Dalrymple’s Excellent Essay

 “One of the things that surprised me was the ease with which an entire press corps could accept the most obvious untruth, usually convenient to some interested party or other, without any external compulsion to do so. I can only suppose that one of modern education’s purposes is to prevent people from thinking for themselves.”

It must be something about plumbers.  We had Joe the Plumber reveal Obama’s true character with just a momentary conversation.  Serendipitously,  Theodore Dalrymple presents the most insightful essay on Ukraine through his conversation with his Ukrainian plumber in Paris, just before this crisis.  His must read essay ,“The Wisdom of a Ukrainian Plumber”, is located at Taki’s Magazine, which contains lots of great article.


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2 responses to “Theodore Dalrymple’s Excellent Essay

  1. Minta Marie Morze

    Theodore Dalrymple (his nom de plume) is a brilliant author, both in books and essays. As you have pointed out before, Liberty, my friend, protests, movements, and riots have to be considered very, very carefully before one takes sides. And even then, it is often a pox on both sides!

    The Left has its fingers in almost every game in the world, as it busily tries to destroy people’s lives and futures.

    Thanks for the reminder of how good Taki’s Magazine is.

  2. Thanks Minta! I read Taki’s Magazine regularly. With a line like, “I can only suppose that one of modern education’s purposes is to prevent people from thinking for themselves.”, I felt like I found a kindred spirit. One of the alarming trends I see in reporting is the almost shocking lack of inquisitiveness to probe deeper to seek facts. Plus, reporters show remarkable deference to self-proclaimed “experts” and idiots with degrees, when as this essay shows, the plumber might offer keener insights and a more honest assessment of matters.

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