The Russians, the lone wolf brothers and the Wolves of Islam pack

The Gates of Vienna blog diligently chronicles the ongoing acts of terrorism perpetrated by adherents of the religion of Peace.  The post today, “The Big Lie”, highlights how the Obama administration dug a little deeper with its head-in-the-sand defensive posture, outdoing the Bush administration’s delusional, cheery insistence that Islam mean peace.  For the Obama administration, Al Qaeda is on the run and every act of Islamic-inspired terrorism immediately gets relegated to the lone wolf folder, where later facts emerging, which concretely link the lone wolf back to the his jihadi  wolf pack, get hushed up.  Al Qaeda is on the run, they’re running circles around the  experts  inept dupes in this White House.

Flashback to the Boston bombing terrorists, those handsome Chechen brothers, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who according to Daniel Benjamin’s  rubber stamp on the final analysis states:

“More interesting is the Tsarnaevs’ apparent lack of connection with any broader terrorist network. Tamerlan’s six-month sojourn in Dagestan, the center of Islamist extremism in the Russian Caucasus, seems not to have led to any durable ties but rather, as journalistic accounts suggest, a station on his road to violence. Like Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood shooter who killed 13 and wounded more than 30 in 2009 — and whose attack was the other major post-9/11 domestic incident — the brothers’ chief connection with the wider jihadi world seems to have been their consumption of online materials, especially those of Yemeni cleric Anwar al-Awlaki.”

Yes, just two more lone wolves, whom the Russians took the extraordinary step of breaking protocol to warn the FBI multiple times of the older brothers’ connection to Dagestani terrorists (good  piece by Hot Air on this connection here).  The Daniel Benjamin piece, sure just a hapless journalist’s viewpoint right?  Well, not quite, because Mr. Benjamin was appointed by Secretary of State Clinton to serve as the Coordinator for Counterterrorism at the State Department from 2009-1012.

Wolves are pack animals, and ironically the wolf is also the proud national symbol of the radical Islamists  in Chechnya (page 2-3 in The Wolves of Islam: Russia and the Faces of Chechen Terror by Paul Murphy).  Murphy steps back from the knee-jerk American viewpoint that the Russians are the cause of the entire problem in Chechnya and he looks at the self-proclaimed  Wolves of Islam –  brutal, ruthless and barbaric.

Note: Thanks to JK for mentioning Shamil Basayev, and the historical Tamerlane in regards to the Tsarnaev brothers last month, which  jogged  my memory about Murphy’s book.  I found the book for $1 at a Big Lots book sale a couple of years ago.  Off topic, but here’s my tangent anyways – it’s amazing how books on history, war, terrorism, current affairs, etc.  get relegated to the discount piles in America and Fifty Shades of Grey topped bestseller charts.  The online book site, Thriftbooks, offers a wide selection of older non-fiction, where booksellers list their books, to include condition,whether the book has a dust jacket, and if it’s an ex-library book.


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7 responses to “The Russians, the lone wolf brothers and the Wolves of Islam pack

  1. Minta Marie Morze

    Great post, LibertyBelle!
    Gates of Vienna is an important site.
    Thanks for the info on Daniel Benjamin and Thriftbooks.

  2. Thanks Minta, I’m amazed at how easily the press drops inquiries in the various “lone wolf” terrorist attacks, despite the official determination being made immediately after these attacks – long before any investigation into the matter. The Benghazi attack followed the same script, except there they couldn’t very well dub it a “lone wolf attack”, considering it was a “mob”, albeit a “mob” that acted like they had some training, command and control to direct the fight, and certainly the attack had advance planning. How a spontaneous mob managed all that, defies common sense, but the American press bought the Obama storyline and except for a few troublemakers (those darned Fox news folks), the administration propaganda worked. Where is that filmmaker who made the video that supposedly incited the spontaneous attack anyway?

  3. Love the new look – simple and elegant!

    • Thanks David, I tinkered with more patterns and more colors, but finally settled on simple. I’d like to work on photography and upload my own stuff someday to personalize this space more. I really enjoyed your son’s Austerlitz photos to accompany the story and hopefully someday I can add some photos of something interesting. Heck, I was impressed with Malcolm’s cell phone winter beach photos recently, so I have no excuses – just need to take some long walks and open my eyes to the possibilities.

  4. What’s this about Wolves of Isam? “Isam” is a Scottish name, I think. My great-uncle was named “Isom,” a variant spelling. Puzzled , , ,

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *

  5. You are not alone, ‘Liberty’. I am constantly amazed at how many simple errors I ‘read over’, or ‘read through’, or whatever, despite the number of times I try to proof read. Now I just rely on my readers to do it for me!

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