One life

Here’s a very short video from Charles Lipson at the American Thinker about  Sir Nicholas Winton, who organized an effort to rescue hundreds of children from Czechoslovakia during WWII.  This video will bring tears to your eyes.  To learn more about his rescue efforts, you can click  his family website here.

The Gelman Educational Foundation has more information (here) about this amazing effort to save children from ending up in Nazi concentration camps.  Sir Nicholas wears a ring given to him by one of the children, inscribed with a line from the Talmud:

Save one life, save the world.

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One response to “One life

  1. Minta Marie Morze

    Giants walk among us, but only rarely do we get a chance to sense their stature, for, like Rostand’s Cyrano, they bear their adornments on their soul. Every once in a while it is given to us to glimpse their true measure, and to stand in awe.

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