Israel hunkers down

The Middle East continues to destabilize and Al Qaeda is definitely on the run………. sweeping across the entire region, deep into North Africa and beyond.  The only one hunkered down in fear is President Obama, desperately trying to bury his head further in the sand.  Israel sits in the midst of this epic power vacuum in the Muslim world, stuck resorting to what the New York Times refers to as a “castle strategy”.  We are witnessing one of those epic historical civilizational eruptions stirring and sadly President Obama remains clueless of the national security implications.  (story here)

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  1. Minta Marie Morze

    I hadn’t heard of the idea of the “Castle Strategy”. What a great phrase to summarize what Israel has to rely on because of it’s geographical and political location. As the linked-to article clearly states, Israel is in a terrible position. However, I think that the President only appears clueless because he is acting so differently from what we expect from an American president. I feel again what I felt when two of my brothers came home from fighting and winning the Tet Offensive in Viet Nam and I watched our country ignoring the facts on the ground and following instead the path of the Leftists who eventually betrayed our basic values and our friends.

    Once again, the Left declares its friendship and support of countries it is really working to destroy.

    It is said that a fire engenders its own winds. The ideological flames in the Middle East are creating a true fierce tempest, and the Left is fanning the flames. We’ve seen this from the Left throughout history. As Shakespeare wrote in his own Tempest, “The past is Prologue.” The Left’s prologue has always been a bloody fist, even when it is hidden for the moment behind its back.

    This conflagration-driven Tempest is gathering winds of a terrible strength.

    Quo Vadis?

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