Our Gumby really does have feet of clay…..

The time warp continues as the mainstream media emerges from self-imposed hibernation from reality, yawns a few times, shakes the dust devils from their eyes, meandering about in dismay and confusion.  Could it possibly be true that their revered leader, The One, coldly and calculatingly used American troops for cannon (or IED and small arms) fodder for gross personal political purposes and not for a mission in furtherance of American national interests?  Oh, I’m shocked, I tell you, this just can’t be….  “President Obama didn’t believe in the mission he sent young American soldiers to die fighting?” they murmur.    Now, the reporters stumble about realizing, that not only did he lie about his “surge” in Afghanistan and happy talk about “winning the hearts and minds” of a populace ensconced in corruption, which is inherent in a narco-state run by assorted theocratic thugs and opportunistic criminals, but he lied about Al Qaeda being on the run too.

Of course, I posted, “Afghanistan already a lost cause?” in December 2012, but a lady should never brag and of course, a real military expert, unlike my amateur blogging, had penned an excellent piece, which I cited in my post, “The Endless and Unwinnable War” , by Carlo D’Este.  To the larger question on this president’s character, well, I am very good on judging character.  Yes, I am.  I listen closely to what people say,  I watch their mannerisms and non-verbal body language too and sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but President Obama is a Gumby of a man – he’s a malleable glob of clay, willing to remold his words for political expediency, as needed.  He lacks character – he lies a lot and why Americans choose to be duped by political partisans and invest so much emotional energy into propping up these types of political charlatans, eludes me.  Watch not only what people say, but look at what they do too – ahem, I’ve been yammering to the wall that President Obama announced his surge and simultaneously announced his withdrawal date since General McChrystal fell under the media spotlight in 2010.  That oil and water combo never mixed – ie, it was obvious he was lying.  Yes, Virginia, there is no Santa Claus, but rest assured Osama bin Laden’s spirit still lives on.  Oh, no, another horrific moment for the Obamaite faithful, “Al Qaeda controls more territory than ever in the Middle East”,  brought to you courtesy of Peter Bergen, the reporter who came to prominence snagging the first TV interview with an elusive bin Laden in 1997.

I’ll end with a quote from a May 2013 blog post of mine,  “Al Qaeda is not dead, in fact, it has been breathed new life by the Arab Spring revolutions and these Muslim Brotherhood dominated countries will aid, fund, arm and utilize these al Qaeda groups to do their dirty work.”   (full post here)  Time to go do some real work – laundry, dusting and vacuuming await and I’m thinking about putting a pot of ham and great northern beans on to simmer away this afternoon.  Now, the important question, should I bake cornbread or biscuits to go with the ham and beans?

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