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Bizarre reporting angle on CNN: a young Iranian woman dies from injuries sustained from her husband beating her and CNN fixates on her touching death story???  Oh, the wonders of technology, where the hospital staff located this woman’s family in Iran and linked up.  The two female reporters wax on about how this woman’s death helped 7 other people with organ transplants.  The glaring omission – NO details about the assailant or crime.  We know she was beaten to death and all they emotionally fixated on is the marvels of modern technology, which allowed her family thousands of miles away to watch her die….  Was the husband arrested?  What charges is he facing?  Any clues as to motive?

From Kerry’s mouth to Allah’s ears: “We are going to do everything that is possible to help them.” (Washington Post story here). In the same article,  Kerry’s new Middle East policy explains it all so clearly (sing along…… “walking away from the troubles in my life”….)

CNN reports on the same Kerry statements emphasizing, the US will help the Iraqis fight Al Qaeda, but we won’t put any boots on the ground.

A vision of the future perhaps, a bookless library in Texas leaves me feeling rather cold and empty inside.  Now, here’s a cute idea I came across last year that runs back in time: setting up your own Little Free Library.

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