“the best opportunity to succeed” (code for lower standards)

Here are two small news bits that demonstrate the big picture/little picture way strident feminists view issues and tool their propaganda accordingly.  For these women, men are the problem, but hey, they’ve won every battle thus far and in the halls of power in America, men behave like cowed eunuchs, ever-cautious to fetch and carry the feminist agenda load.  Hanna Rosin penned a short opinion piece, “Men Are Obsolete”, in Time, which offers a few bullet-point statements to make the big picture case and it behooves men to avoid beating their chests, screaming about how life has gotten so unfair for them or huddling in safe tree houses, where they can defiantly post a sign, “NO GIRLS ALLOWED”.  Ms Rosin’s sentiments rise far above snarky bravado.  In point of fact, from Obamacare’s forcing equality in requiring men to pay for maternity coverage, in the name of “fairness”, to President Obama opening combat positions to women, the ardent feminists have won and they’re declaring victory.

In the little picture world, where the political plays out in the real world,  the feminist vision collapses and  puts a lie to Ms Rosin and the Sisterhood’s cocksure(less) world view: “Marines delay female fitness plan after half fail” (USA Today).  Having been a guinea pig in the feminization of the American military plan for a very short time decades ago, I’ll share with you how this goes.  The political factions within the Pentagon will begin tinkering with new ways to make it appear that women can do these heavy-lifting, grueling combat tasks by eliminating as many of the tasks from the physical standards as necessary to get women into these positions.  The physical standards for men will lower and all sorts of concessions will be made to soften the ride for women to succeed in these jobs.  They’ll desperately seek a few über herculean gruntettes to become the face of the new Amazon band of sisters for the full court press, to “prove” women are just as strong as men.  Here’s the Marine Corps capitulation to political correctness:

Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James Amos wants training officials to “continue to gather data and ensure that female Marines are provided with the best opportunity to succeed,” Capt. Maureen Krebs, a Marine spokeswoman, said Thursday.

You can be sure the data gathered will be sufficiently adjusted to insure the previous upper-body strength standards weren’t really necessary and next will be lowering the weight loads for combat troops to carry on their backs and oh, of course, those grueling 12 mile foot marches carrying 70 lbs of gear in three hours will be deemed superfluous too.  No need to be strong enough to scale walls or carry your own gear, the argument will go, after all, this is the modern military and we travel by vehicles now.  Yep, expect to hear a full-throated diversionary argument for mechanized infantry to emerge……..

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