General Hayden, what a laugh…

With time for only a few lines before heading to work, first I want to complain that when I click on my blog link, after signing in, it doesn’t take me to my blog. I end up stuck on the My Reader page. Had to take a circuitous route to even get here. Now on to something of a political nature, well, somewhat. I am sure most people have seen the rather dry, Mr. Professor type, former CIA director, General Michael Hayden on TV. He’s always appeared so studious and methodical.  Imagine my surprise at finding out he has quite a wicked sense of humor (not really).  Reading Bryan Preston’s short piece over at PJ Media sent just a slight chill down my spine (nothing like the 47º weather Justin mentioned yesterday, but still a slight ripple).  General Hayden, joked about how in his darker moments, recently, he’d thought of nominating Edward Snowden, the infamous leaker, to another list other than the Human Rights list that has nominated him for an award, alluding to Obama’s drone strike list.  With disquieting reports on the likes of Janet Napolitano’s wild list-making, where she listed former soldiers as likely terrorist and the penchant for this administration to add people to their assorted watch lists with little (no)  fact-checking, I missed the humor.  And now we have Obama’s mad bomber, John Brennan, actually running the CIA.  Yikes, how does one find out if they’ve made one of the enemies lists in this administration?  Or is it time to look at purchasing an Acme version of a home missile defense system……..

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